Traveller 8 Chain Tensioner

The chain tensioner on my Traveler 8 is misaligned with the sprocket resulting in chain climb on the sprocket. a Shimano replacement has more offset than the tensioner furnished with the trike and does not align even with the maximum numbers of spacer washers Shimano recommends. Solutions?


  • The OEM tensioner had wear between the bolt that mounts the tensioner to the derailleur hanger and the housing on the tensioner frame. The result is a canted tensioner frame that put the upper jockey off a little from the chain line and the lower jockey off even more. All of the adjustment was taken up. The LBS has given me a Shimano Capreo derailleur with the stops adjusted to provide the correct chain line alignment. I'll install today. I have also changed my wife's trike to a Nuvinci 360 IGT. The SRAM G8 was too much challenge for her stage of Alzheimer's.

    The tire scrub is apparently two faceted. I realigned my wheels, they were neutral with no load. My wife's trike was aligned and she got about 500 miles from the BA's. I have run Bell BMX free styles with little more success on both Trikes. I am now running Schwalbe Marathon Plus' and have seen only a little wear in 350 miles. The ride is not as cushy but I like the peddling effort reduction and the higher speeds. I am riding in higher gears, no doubt partially due to improving muscle condition from daily outings.

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