What model do we have?

Just bought a used tandem TT. :D
It is 2 or 3 years old, what model would that be? Id there a place on the trike where the model number is printed?
We aren't real experienced bikers, so could use some direction on when is the best time to shift and what gears are best?
What gears are on the left handle and what gears are on the right? What is the best combo for hills? We live in a very hilly area.
We need the rain to go away so we can get our new toy out on the trails!


  • As far as the model goes, there are no different model numbers for the Tandem. The only big change the TT Tandem has had was the addition of the couplers, which we added 3-4yrs ago.

    Right hand shifts the cassette(9gears, smaller steps), left shifts the triple crank (low, med, high). It is best to downshift as you're approaching a hill or a stop, then you will be in an easier gear (faster cadence) and will not hurt your knees "mashing". As you're shifting it's better to be light on the pedals; if you shift when you are pedaling hard with a lot of pressure on the pedals it will put excess wear and may even bend the gears.

    When it comes to what specific gear you should be in, you will find that out with experience. The perfect gear in a specific moment depends on: rider fitness, rider energy level, rider's preferred cadence, weight, road grade, etc. You'll figure that out the more you're out on it!

    Anyone else, please feel free to comment!
    Jessica Kessenich
    Sales Coordinator
  • Jess,
    Thanks for your reply. Got the TT coupled up OK after getting it home, the master link on the chain is another matter. After almost an hour and a half on the wet ground today, we finally gave up. It's probably an easy task once it is mastered but was sure a challenge for us "newbies" who have never dealt with linking up a bicycle chain before. We have a little tool on the way, that will hopefully help with that task.

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