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Can the tall safety flags be mounted on the back seat edges? I will be carrying sleeping bags, tent, and panniers, and do not know if I would have room on the bike rack without interfering with the other stuff.
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  • I bought one of the cheap bike flags that attaches to the rear wheel and it fits in the seat hole.  I did cut it down a little and have to bend it to get it through the door of my condo.  I used a pipe cutter but I'm sure a hacksaw would work also.
  • Thank you, I
    currently have a 15 year old Rans Stratus that toes a BOB trailer. I am
    purchasing a TT tour this spring due to balance issues. I went down to the
    local hardware store and got two ¼” copper tubes 18 inches long. Pinched one
    end closed (the bottom) with plyers and taped (electrical tape) them to the rear
    rack. Then went to a home and garden store and purchased 2 long bamboo stalks ¼”
    in diameter and fitted 2 small American flags to the end (you guessed it, with electrical
    tape). This configuration has lasted as long as I have owned the recumbent
    bike. I have heard that pulling a BOB trailer with a tadpole trike can stress
    your frame because it does not ‘lean’ like a bike does. So my next option is
  • So, did you put flags on the bike and the trailer?  That's probably a very good idea.  You want drivers to see both.
  • If you have a Terra Trike that has the holes in the seat frame, here is a possibility.  I purchased a "driveway marker" from Home Depot for $5.  It is a four foot, orange, fiberglass rod with a plastic cap on one end with a piece of reflective tape wrapped around it.  It will fit in the TT seat frame snuggly (it's a tiny bit larger in diameter than the stock TT flag staff). The HD marker is also much, much stronger.

    I also use a 36 inch (folded in half and secured with cable ties) lime green w/reflective tape ribbon on the staff.  I got the idea for the ribbons from watching trike videos on YouTube.  The fluttering ribbons caught my eye before the flags.
  • Looks like the Burley flatbed cargo trailer will be the ticket to tow with my TerraTrike Traveler. It is the flex hitch that sold me. If it is installed on a regular bike, the regular bike can be laid on its side without the Burley even moving!! $229 and Amazon 2-day Prime free shipping!! Check it out. I have not yet purchased, but will probably do this and bring it to my dealer when I pick up my Traveler.
  • I was able to get a Burley flatbed on craigs list. Works great with a Rambler.
  • I use a flag from soundwinds/airarts, on a folding pole about 6' tall, fits in the back of the seat like the normal TT flag.  I also use a lighted LED flagpole from Arizona Whips.  Drivers still say the don't see me. *sigh*
    Greenville NC drivers, worst in the world.

    Thanks for the comments about the trailers, I' have been trying to make decisions on that subject :)
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