Bent on a Budget

Decided to keep a Blog of my Recumbent Rover 8 external.

Here is a link to my first post. I'll keep it updated as I live this adventure. Enjoy. I am!



  • Very cool. Will you be posting videos of thrilling rides on YouTube as well?
  • Are you measuring your speed now?  Let us know when you get up to 15 mph.  I probably carry more weight than you but I've gone from 5 to 7 mph in about two months on mostly flat terrain.  If I had a 9th and 10th gear, I'd be going 15 mph.

    Log into My Terra Trike and look at the Rider Map.  There are a few people in your area.
  • Here's my next post, Safety First
    Let me know if it works

    Show you my other mods- 28, 38, 48 chainring and some picts of the PCB Trails. I have some video but need to edit it first
  • I could not use the second link provided but the first one you gave worked and showed the second post.

    I bought a bright orange sweatshirt hoodee at Walmart for $7 on clearance.  I won't be able to wear it often down here but it's still very helpful.

    I am looking for a rack to fit my 24" wheel.  I'm going to call some local bike shops today.  I have bags attached with velcro but they don't hold much.  A rear rack would add little weight but a lot of convenience.
  • Upgraded to a Front 48,38,28T Chainring. Some more gears!
  • This hyperlink will take you to my blogspot
  • If you did not have the parkade ramp, would you ever use the smaller gear?

    I have the Rover 8 internal with a 32T ring.  Going up to 48T would probably be too much but 38T might be perfect.  I could still use the lower gears, if needed.  I haven't seen anything below 6th gear since I got down here.

    If you don't want to resize the chain, can you extend the boom and move the seat up a little?  A loose chain is not a good thing.  Mine came off the rear sprocket and lodged between the sprocket and the frame during a ride. 

    From what I've read, the big problem is trying to find a place to attach the derailleur.  Be sure to post pictures when you get that done.
  • No I would not need the smaller ring except for the parkade. The 8 ext has a 38t chainring and don't think the gearing in the rear is quite the same on a 8 int. For the three ring front derailer you need to fabricate a post to mount the deraileur on and attach (bolt) it to the front boom. Would also have to rig up some sort of tensioner for the chain as you have no rear derailer to look after that function. Look at your charts to figure out the difference you will get in speeds for a 32 vs 38T chainring
  • Cruisin PCB. My Route today from Map my Ride and a couple of HPVelotechnik Scorpion folding trikes w full suspension I met at the Conservation Park

    PCB is very flat... except my parkade

  • Are there good biking paths down to St Andrews State Park?  If so, you need to ride down there.  The view of the gulf is great!

    You are a brave soul to cross Hwy 98 on trike.  I wouldn't have the nerve to do it.  But, that's the problem with PCB.  There are limited fast food restaurants on the south side.

    Glad you're enjoying Florida!
  • Been busy out there triking like mad. Discovering more country and learning more.
    Here's my latest, then I'll be quiet for a while... I think

  • But only for a little while...

  • Wow, Terra Trike should pay you to be a salesman!  Too bad they don't have a dealer down there.  Every time some asks me about my trike, I refer them to my lbs in Fort Myers.  

    I bought that same cell phone holder but couldn't find a place to mount it.  Instead, I bought an Apple Watch.  I love how it tracks my rides.  I can also call and text people.  The only drawback is music from my phone does not come through the watch.  We can't were headphones in Florida.

    I remember when they built the Hathaway bridge and the connection to it on PCB.  It was a vast improvement over the old bridge.  I also remember when the paper plant was located southeast of the previous bridge on Hwy 98.  It closed soon after we moved to the panhandle and the whole area had a much better aroma.  Paper plants produce noxious smells.

    Glad you found a hill to climb.  But, I would suggest you get that derailleur sooner rather than later.  You made need it soon! 
  • Finally edited a bit of video of the Conservation Area in PCB. A favourite waypoint when I'm out riding around PCB. Had to post it o YouTube as to big for blogspot I think. Either link should work
  • Nice video!  What equipment did you use to film it?  

    There are boardwalk trails down here but I have had reservations about using them.  What happens when you come across walkers on the boardwalk?  Is there room for them to pass?  

    How about the rock trails?  Do you have to pedal harder or in a lower gear on them?  Do you ever sink in or slide sideways?

    Finally, have you had issues with flat tires?  I know many trees in Florida have thorns and wonder if you've run over any of them?  I try to avoid tree droppings, if possible.    
  • No prob meeting others on boardwalk. I just pull right over as far as possible and let them by whether bike or pedestrian. Would be prob if met another recumbent. One of us would have to back up all the ways, lift it up and over, or to a passing nook which some boardwalks have. Have yet to encounter the prob. Obviously an engineeing consideration not yet addressed by the designers.

    Trail hardness  is variable so peddaling effort changes from not much dif... maybe a gear.. to very difficult to impaasable if soft sand. Had to push my MTB better part of 6 mi last year when I refused to use better judgement and turn around when it became too soft.

    No prob with flats so far, but did Slime that one tire and it is now fine. I try to avoid hitting those big pine cones as they are pretty sharp

  • just a core 4 Samsung phone. edited with Win 7 Movie maker
  • You got great results from it!
  • Time to Tweak
    For you Newbies a few more things I am discovering as I roll along. Took a nice ride along 30A west of PCB towards Seaside. Good trail but lots of driveways and roads. Quite a bit of traffic and lovely resort cottages $1 million plus. Interesting shops and cafes. Interesting folks. Very pleasant leisurely drive. Little prob with the video I took of coming through Rosemary Beach. I'll try to get it working later. Raining today but hope to ride shortly

  • Here's a youtube link that seems to work ok re previous post

  • Squirrel, do you know the history of Seaside?
  • Not really. Just been there a few times
  • The movie, "The Truman Show", was filmed there.  A former feature writer of the Northwest Florida Daily News in Ft Walton Beach is one of the people walking with Jim Carey through the town square.  Also, I worked with several people at Eglin AFB Hospital who extras in the movie.  Unfortunately, it all happened prior to my arrival there.  But, it was the biggest thing to happen to that area other than the many hurricanes that brought Jim Cantore of the Weather Channel to town.

    Wikipedia has a more indepth history.  Some rich guy bought the land so his family would have ocean front property to use for vacations.  How nice!
  • Yes. Been in the 'General Store' that was part of the set. Very interesting place. Also have a great little book store just across the street. Natural ampitheater at the town square hosts quite a few events. Very nice spot. Cruising along this whole bike trail you go from open trail spaces to pretty busy sections with lots of driveways to cross. Sand often drifts/washes onto the asphalt enought to make traction/stability trick particularly on a two wheels. Many bike rental places along the way.
  • It probably won't get too crowded until after you are headed back up north.  It is a popular sport from March to September.
  • Well it happened. Bike thieves cleaned out the bike rack in our parkade last night including my Rover and several other higher end bikes. Boo Hoo. Reported to stolen bikes and the polices. So Bent on a Budget silent until I get a replacement s/n FE5D0420 IF YOU COME ACROSS IT
  • Sorry to hear that. Hope they catch the thieves and you recover your property.

  • Were there cameras anywhere?  Do you have a rider on your insurance specifically to cover the bike? 

    So sorry for your loss!  That's why my bike is in the doorway of my condo.  I don't trust leaving it outside and can't afford to buy a replacement if it is stolen.
  • Just wanted to tell you there are many other recumbent message boards.  Here's one:
    Check them all and Craigslist to see if the thief is trying to sell your bike.  Surely they don't want to keep something so large.

    Did you record and register the serial number with Terra Trike?  That will help you possibly find it again.
  • Nothing on ebay or Craigslist so far.regarding w stolen bike and spreading the info. Waiting on
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