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I have been going back and forth, researching and debating for months and finally headed up to the dealer to test ride one today. The Terra Trike is very similar to a trike I used to love riding some 20 years ago when the family and I would go to Ocean Shores in Washington State and rent them for the week.

However today after a morning test drive, I am now patiently waiting for them to finish dialing it in at the shop, swapping for a slightly smaller boom, and upgrading the tubes to thorn proof. Now to get my butt out and get in shape. I have a lot of riding to do over the next two years to make it worth more then the Gym membership I would never use anyway :)

... the best thing I liked during the test drive ... it cornered like it was on rails :D


  • Yes, it corners great!

    I recently added a headrest to mine, and now the bottom of the mounting tube that supports the headrest hits me squarely in the back through the mesh seat when I lean back on it. I'm going to have to try to soften that somehow. It gets sore after a while...
  • The tube of the headrest usually sits behind the seat brace, between it and the rear wheel. If you have your seat reclined to such an angle or have a 26" rear wheel that limits the space between the tire and seat brace, then we will flip it around and install it the way you have yours. In that case we usually suggest a seat cushion - that will solve your issue!
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  • That's interesting... I haven't adjusted the recline on the seat since I bought it, and the rear wheel is a stock wheel. I wonder if they installed it the wrong way when they put it on. I will have a closer look and see if it can be "flipped around" as you say.
  • I think my wife miss understood the cost at first like a child has selective hearing. See having had a few bikes before that ended up sitting more then being used she was hesitant to say the least at me wanting to make the investment. Aside from being recumbent, etc, I have a issue with being able to ride a normal bicycle due to problems; which would have prevented me from doing so with the kids.

    The end of the story is I just got back from riding with my daughter to school, and tonight I will pick her back up. The kids love it because I ride with them all the time. My wife loves to see me actually getting the exercise and using it of course. And overall I still love it as much as I did when I did the test drive. I say that especially because I remember someone wiser then me at the time many years back saying half the fun of a purchase is in the anticipation; here its all the way around.

    Ok so now back word and my search to discover all the modifications I wish to add. Happy riding everyone!

    V. :D
  • You can also send us a picture and we could tell pretty quickly from that too.
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  • I have joined the Path-8 club. I bought mine through a dealer in Ft Worth. I don't really have a lot of faith in the people at the dealership as the trike had several minor problems when I picked it up last week. I read on this forum when one of you told someone that when adjusting the 8-speed that the 4 should show when it is in 4th gear. When in 4th gear mine shows a 5 in the window. It seems to shift ok though except for the infamous chain problem. Mine feels like it is the chain jumping a tooth when in 1st or second gear and considerable muscle is being applied to the pedal. Like climbing a steep hill on the overgeared Path-8 (like my driveway). At least I hope it's the chain and not the hub making the noise. I have tightened the chain but I would like to know how tight the chain should be.
    Also one of the girls there told a forum person that the chain probably was not routed properly. I would like to know exactly how it should be routed. The advise was that the return side should be above the outside groove on the rear idler set. I can see that but, every picture I have seen of a Path-8 that showed the right rear of the trike had an idler pulley which is probably a chain tensioner. Mine don't have that. It was prolly just made a couple of weeks ago. No information can I find mentioning the lack of the chain tensioner on any Path-8. Wassup wid dat? Wish it had a chain tensioner, would make more sense.
    It would be nice if someone could take a picture of the right rear of the Path-8 showing the hub and rear idlers. That is if I don't have the only one in captivity with no thingy hanging down back there.
    I hope there is a solution to the chain problem as I intend to do a lot of riding. I realize it's my fault as had I found your forum and saw all the problems with the Path I could have bought something else or waited until I could afford a Cruiser.
    If I must I'll take me trike back to the dealer but I would really like to know what's going on so they can't baffle me with BS.
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