BAFANG Mid-Drive

I'm new I have a rover with  Da Vinci Hub I got a bafang mid-drive,I was going to mount it in the bracket up front.First to all this is there any reasons against? I was looking at 
ELRIQUE64 TRIKE he put his bafang uder the seat                               THANK YOU     I HOPE I'M DOING THIS RIGHT


  • A BIG suggestion to all those putting electrical things on your trikes. Invest in shrink tubing that has the sealant added and use a good quality hair dryer, or get a heat gun to do the shrinking. I've seen too many use a lighter or small torch and either don't get the tube shrunk properly, or shrink it too much and it burns.
    Use the tubing on all your connections. I do not recommend using silicone as it makes repairs difficult, and the silicone deteriorates rapidly exposed to weather and UV light.
    The shrink tubing can be purchased at your local auto supply store, home improvement, or hardware store. You can even get it online.
    One option to the tube with the sealant in it is to coat the connection with hot glue before putting non-sealing shrink tube over it.(hot glue is what the sealant is the the self-sealing tubing.)
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