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Bent on a Budget's blog (my condolences on his loss) gave me the idea to start a blog of my own.  As a new rider I've entered a whole new world of experience and the learning continues as I pedal on past my first 1,000 miles on the extensive trail systems of Northwest Arkansas (Razorback Greenway).

My thanks to Terra Trike for this forum system.  I have learned so much and met so many interesting riders from across the U.S.  I am awed and inspired by the diversity, experience and opinions of the many who participate in these discussions.  Thank you all.

As a retiree I have some free time to write, to hear thoughts from my readers and to share information with fellow riders.  Please feel free to contribute, suggest or request topics and add comments to Trikester Hal. (Right click on this link so you can choose to open it in another tab/window so you won't leave the TT forum.)


  • Just added a post about locks, cables and such with photos from my local Lowe's Home store.  This should answer some questions you might have about securing your trike.  Let me know if you have other questions or want a clarification.  I would be glad to help.
  • Hello everyone.  For those interested I've had some time to add more posts to my blog due to the weather.  I've dealt into concerns about punctures, broken chains and such.  I've also addressed my experience with my panniers and what I carry in them.  I invite you to visit, enjoy and take away ideas that my might benefit you in riding your trike.  My blog is strictly non-profit and written for fun.  Please feel free to comment, question and share your experiences, tips, tricks, knowledge, etc.  A little humor wouldn't hurt either.  =))
    Trikesterhal (be sure to right click and open in another tab so you don't leave the forum system)
  • Any ideas what hour trike weighs with all the gear you discuss plus your ham equip ?
  • I'm guessing somewhere near 50 pounds, but I'm not sure.  It's just a guess because I have no way to weigh it.  I'm working on a post about my ham gear and the heaviest part of that end is a Yaesu FT-60R HT.
  • Maybe I'm just overlooking it, but could you please post a link to your blog? Thanks
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    Check back up a few posts and you'll see that Trikesterhal is a link.  I also tell folks to right click and open it in a new window or tab because it will take you out of the TT forum website.  Thanks for asking. :-)
  • You're doing great hauling all that additional weight the distances you ride.

    Seems like a lot of trike riders are carrying significant additional weight with the things they bring along.
  • :-)  The biggest weight is me... 250.  I've always been a big guy and I have strong legs (like a Steinway piano a friend of mine once remarked).  I don't go that fast, but I get there.  Where the trike shines is the "butt friendliness" and the kindness to my shoulder (bone spurs).  I do love riding that machine!

    Even when I started to ride it there were hills that I had to stop once or twice to rest my legs for three or four minutes before going on....gotta love that trike.  I would stop, lock the brakes, drink some water, smell the flowers, unlock and go on.  Then I found out that when I ordered the 26" rear wheel it came with the standard crankset which really made my low gear not so low.  I didn't understand it at the time.  Then through this forum system I learned about the the crankset issue.  After the new one was installed (an easy job according to the mechanic) it made all the difference in the world.  Now I tackle those hills.  I may be huffing and puffing as I go up, but now I keep on going.  I covered this topic in my blog post, "My Terra Trike Rambler GT".

    Earlier this afternoon I finished reorganizing my two ammo boxes making sure I had all the materials I wrote about in my post.  I repacked everything and doubled a few of the items I thought would be more apt to be used.  

    I've even thought about adding a couple of tubes commonly used by the two wheel folks in case I come upon a stranded cyclist.  I've already stumbled upon a couple with a puncture.  He had no about bad luck.  We replaced his tube and got them on their way.  I was glad to help and he vowed never to get caught like that again.  That's why I like to ride prepared. :-h
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