20 inch rear wheel

I've up graded my tour 2 to a 26 inch rear wheel. The 20 inch wheel that came off is virtually brand new. I bought the trike in November and have ridden little due to the weather. I would be interested in selling the 20 inch wheel or possibly trading it for.............? I'm in Kansas. 785.766.3241


  • Am I correct that it includes a hub but no gears?
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    I could include a cassette also if you need it. I just replaced the OEM  cassette with a larger set. either way you would like to have it.... Feel free to call me.
  • Another way to contact me would be = emac2059@sunflower.com
  • I already have all three 20" tires and wheels from my Rover.  The rear wheel has no hub as it was moved to the 24" wheel.  I'm just trying to decide if I could build a second recumbent tricycle.  A lot of parts are available at Utah Trikes.  I've also wondered if I could convert my sister's bicycle to a tricycle.  

    Mostly, I was just asking so you provide the info to everyone.
  • This wheel has bee sold... I'm just not sure how to delete the post. Thank you to all.....
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