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This post from a (very) happy french guy, to thank you for building such "smile making" machine :D
I get my Cruiser delivered in France this summer, and from that time, I just can't think about riding anything else.
It is incredible how far I can go with this machine, without wondering about being tired. For one of my first trips, I rode across two mountain passes (1200m / 3940ft) which represents a total climb of 1500m (4900ft) for 90km (55miles). And all of this in half a day..!
My longest ride is about 110km (70miles) in one day. I also use it to commute 2x10km/day
Next week I'll try a 3 days trip of 150km per day in total autonomy (camping), in Alps !!

The feeling on the Cruiser is just "sit down, and ride" !!

As the background country arroud there is everything except flat (mountains, valleys, hills, ...), I changed the front small crankset ring (30 teeth) for a smaller one: 26 teeth.
I also replaced the rear cassette 11-30 for a 11-34. So now, I think I can climb "everything" :mrgreen:
Next upgrade will be a larger big cranckset ring, as the 52 teeth is a bit too short for high speed.
By the way, for me, the biggest weakness of the trike is the front crankset without any protective device as standard...("Slicer machine :twisted: ")
I do think Terratrike can provide even a simple kind of disc. ;)

I also tried to pass some earth paths. The Cruiser is far away from ridiculous with original tires and keeps going on in 90% of situations. Of course, you have to go slowly, and if sand & hard climbs are difficult, with adapted tires (Max Daddy 20x2,25 at rear, and Kenda 20x2,10 on front wheels) and low pressure it is increadible where it can go....it becomes an increadible Terra-Trike :lol:

To conclude, I have to say that I love this trike because it is so fun.

http://www.hostingpics.net/viewer.php?i ... 120030.jpg

To be continued....


  • keeps on riding... even on the snow:
  • blabla wrote:
    keeps on riding... even on the snow:

    Wow - I'm gonna post this on our Facebook page
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