Anyone know how to get the VA to get a disabled vet, a TT or if it is possible?



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    Have noticed my knee hurts less when riding the Rover every other day, and so does the foot that the Air Force messed up (malpractice).
    I keep telling the doctors the added benefit of riding a recumbent trike has done for me, in hopes they might add that to their notes. One never knows if they put down "riding bike" instead of "riding recumbent bike" - all on the interpretation of the person adding the notes.

    If I could lose the weight while riding, and I mean significant weight loss, then the VA might take notice of the benefits of recumbents. Think they look at recumbents not as mobility, but leisure.

    When I was having more foot & knee issues, as I work a lot on concrete floors, the VA gave me this cheap chrome pedal exerciser with a screw for a tension adjuster. POS

    VA only knows "cheapest per percentage" rating. If one has insurance that will cover the extras, then it is possible to get better results. It is no longer about how good/bad a person is in the US, it is all based on what the insurance provider will cover.

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