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Will be buying a new Rambler for my wife next week. I currently have a Path 8 that I transport in the back of my Santa Fe. Wondering is it would be possible to fit both trikes in the vehicle if I was to retract the Rambler's boom to reduce its overall length? Does anyone do this with their Rambler?



  • I don't know how you feel about lifting your trike. . . but my Rambler rides on top of my Outback (see my user pic). The Santa Fe is a few inches taller, but if both trikes won't fit in the back, you can consider transporting on top. You could also look at hitch racks for either vertical or horizontal transport on the back - less lifting, but tougher to get the first trike in your Santa Fe.
  • What accessory do you use to mount the trike to the outback roof rails?
  • Accessories. . . I built my own roof rack. I have 2 Thule rails with frame clamps; one for my wife's DF and the other for my Rambler - but I had to bend it so it would grab the trike frame (horizontal bar vs. DF). I also have 2 Yakima rails for my front wheels: they were the front fork locking type with broken locks. I removed the locks, turned them around and my front wheels secure where a DF rear wheel would. Add some cobbled together cross bars, a set of Subaru accessory clamps, some patience and tweaking. . . You now have a home made trike rack. I found most items used on Craigslist and have less than $100 into it - and that includes my new Yakima wind fairing that I haven't quite figured out how to fit into this Franken-Rack.
    My user icon is a photo of my Rambler in the rack.
  • Outback myself. Luggage rack and some Velcro ties.yuqgc75um9ua.jpeg
  • You are lucky to have cross bars on your roof rack. Most car companies consider them an add-on. Looks like it works well except for that heel strap hanging down in front of the driver's view.
  • Outback myself. Luggage rack and some Velcro ties.yuqgc75um9ua.jpeg

    You might want to get one of our UTC (Universal Trike Carrier). It has the foam rubber feet an some adjustable tie downs. Same concept but might help prevent any scratching.
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  • Yes, the Terratrike roof carrier ( UTC ) mentioned above works great !
  • Hi,

    I use one of these on my Volkswagen Passat.

    It can expand to carry up to 2 trikes and 2 standard bikes (at the same time).

    I also have a small Northern Tools trailer with a ramp if I'm taking a few bikes/trikes...

    Doc S
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