Sprocket guard

Anyone found one for a three speed front ?


  • Jamesr, Thanks for the help.

    I called TerraTrike, they have one that fits any of the three ring cranksets. $52 shipped. Should have it n two days.

  • I bought one from TT and very happy with it. I've already hit my leg on it twice without any pain!! Easy installation too!
  • Just bought one. Easy to install and will be a 'leg saver'. Those chain rings are like saw blades - ouch!
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  • Hmmm.... it's standard equipment on the Rover Nuvinci. Should be standard on all front chainsets, IMO.
  • Rough on vehicle interiors also.
  • I like the new sprocket guard. Easy to install, very light aluminum and new longer mounting screws and spacers supplied. Looks like it belongs there. Probably costs more then expected but it works.
  • I do not have a guard on my front sprocket and never ran into it.  Maybe because I had a 32T sprocket which is quite small.  I do run into the pedals and have the scars to prove it.  

    The tires are another matter.  The backs of my seats are carpeted and have black marks that will never come off.
  • Those black marks are proof positive that you have a turning radius that people on other trikes can only dream of having :-)

  • I used one from ICE on the Tour II, the shaft was smaller then the ICE so I wrapped it in several layers of tape and then it bolted on just fine.
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