Battery life on mid-drive

I put a 1000 watt Bafang mid-drive on my rover NuVinci  N360 my battery is 48v 14 ah I get only 19 miles pedal assit on a charge the company I got it from say it because it's a trike I'm new so does that sound right to anyone I do'nt have anyway to compare I'm 61 new to bikes.  Thank You              P.S - They sold to me as able to get 30 to 50 miles? Then it changed because it is a trike?


  • Elrique will undoubtedly chime in here and his opinion will be worth more than mine however....

    What you are getting is about what I would expect. The Rover is heavier than most bicycles which equates to a reduction in range by comparison. Rough estimation is that your 672 watt hour battery is only going to power your Bafang for about 40 minutes or so of continuous running at full power. If you run at a low power assist level and only turn the motor on when needed your 19 mile pedal assisted range could equate to 100 miles of distance travelled... but that will depend on your riding style and how much unassisted effort you are willing to expend.
  • Thanks guy's! Ordered 48v  30ah battery it's a luggage rack style so I can keep the one on the boom with all I hope for around 60 miles?
  • I got a ext. for my speedo and it is on a stand in PAS 9 and it only gets 20 mph. And this torque I have nothing to compare too but I do'nt feel much. Could the nuvinci be changing it's effect?
  • An electric motor's max torque occurs at zero rpm with max electrical power applied. As the motor's unloaded speed increases its unloaded torque decreases. You have to put a load on the system in order to measure or estimate the torque at any given speed.

    The torque development would have to be measured at the rear wheel on a dynamometer. At rest under a given load setting the torque that is required to overcome inertia and accelerate to the desired speed will initially be quite high including the current drawn by the motor and both will decrease as inertia is overcome and you approach that target speed. The mechanical advantage supplied by the Nuvinci would have to be measured by repeating the exercise at several different settings of the Nuvinci control.

    Sorry if it sounds like I'm blathering... I've only had one cup of coffee this morning. I can blather much better when I've had more coffee.
  • Ah, Elrique, you said so much better than I could. Perhaps I should switch to Mountain Dew.
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