After much ado, I took a Rover NuVinci home today.
The brief peddle I took at the LBS showed me that the extra $$$ was well worth it.
The only downside was the rear window relay failed on my '94 4-Runner failed, so I couldn't slide it in the back.
Grabbed a bunch of my kayak straps and stuck it on the roof.
Thank you to all who were so patient with my noob questions!


  • .... and now the fun begins!!!!!

    Congratulations. Looking forward to your experiences with your new Rover Nuvinci.
  • With the Nuvinci if you are in overdrive and come to a stop you will encounter resistance at the shifter when you try to downshift into underdrive. Not really a problem. If you are stopped don't force it... just pedal forward even a quarter of a revolution as you twist the grip to lower gear and it will slide right in. Sometimes I will pedal forward against resistance then back pedal as I twist the shifter. Works alright for me. Normally I do try to shift down without pedaling as I coast to a stop. It becomes second nature... just like riding with a derailleur except you don't have to be pedaling in order to shift.
  • Yeppers... IGH's definitely have derailleurs beat 1000 ways to Thursday except for one thing.... they lack the "sneer factor" that high end derailleurs still have unless, of course, you're well enough heeled to have a Rohloff ;-)
  • Welcome ClanRiffster!  What part of the country do you live?

    I love the blue color of the Rover NuVinci.  Just didn't know if I wanted to pay the extra price and knew nothing about the differences in the hubs.  Hope it works well for you!
  • A Schlumpf! Gesundheit!!
  • Welcome to triking! If you decide to keep your Rover on top of your Toyota; see my user photo. I transport my Rambler on top of my Subaru and it works great. Found some various used bike rack parts on Craigslist, did an afternoon of driveway engineering (making it up as I went along) and I now have an easy on / easy off system for around $50. No matter how you decide to get your trike to the trail. . . Enjoy the ride!
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