2015 Terratrike Traveler for sale like new $2200 free shipping in US

This trike is in like new condition and includes trike travel bag, seat bag, bottle cage, mirror and power grips, 24 speed option. $2500 retail total. A taller seating position and great turning radius make this a pleasure to ride. Maybe the only airline checkable trike being produced.

A trike anyone can take anywhere. The new Traveler is a folding trike designed to be compact and portable while retaining the quality and comfort that makes TerraTrikes such a joy to ride. In fact, the Traveler folds up small enough that two of them fit in the back of a sub-compact car with room to spare. Because of this, there is no need for racks or mounts or large vehicles for transportation. It has been TerraTrike's most-anticipated new product, and it really is a game-changer.

In the same amount of time it would take you to remove a bike or trike from a car rack, you can have the Traveler unloaded from your car's trunk or back seat, unfolded and ready to hit the trails. The frame hinges have been designed to be flawlessly secure while being easy to operate with confidence.


  • I think that's fairly universal, Elrique. The only stipulation seems to be that it can be described as a Mobility Assistance Device and that you need it. No requirement that you be a veteran. The airlines are not permitted to ask for proof or what the nature of an individual's "disability" is... they must simply accept your word for it.
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