Stand up bars

I recently bought a rambler and I was wandering how well the stand up bars work? 


  • Do you mean the Versa Bars designed to help you get off the trike?
  • I have the Versa Bars on my Rambler and LOVE them. I also came up with a way to mount my Mirrycle bar end mirrors on them.
    The Versa Bars are larger diameter than the handle bars and the bar end mirrors are too small to fit directly.
    If you're interested let me know and I'll tell you how to easily make the adapters. I also found that the mirrors are placed in a MUCH better position for seeing behind and don't make the Trike too wide. The mirrors will actually be inside the width of the handlebars.
  • At 5' 10" tall and overweight, I struggled to get off my Rover and decided to install 24" wheels all the way around.  They really helped but I still can't get off to the front of the trike.  Instead, I turn to the side, lift the right foot over the right wheel and the left over the boom.  I then use the seat to help me up.  It works well and is a lot cheaper.  I highly recommend the larger, all terrain tires.  They make for a much comfortable ride.
  • I have the Versabars with a Mirrycle mirror on each one.  The Versabar tubing is indeed larger than, ideal for the mirrors, but if you slide the mirrors in anyway, and just keep cranking on the Allen driver, they will eventually tighten up.  At least mine did.  They work fine.

    Sometimes, when I'm backing up to sit down, I grab for a Versabar and will get a handful of mirror instead.  But it's no big deal.  I'm glad I installed them.  

  • TheDuke,  did your Mirrycle mirror come with two sizes of the doo-hickey you put inside the tube?  Mine, I'm just wondering.
  • No, just one.  They must read this column

    The Duke
  • Come to think of it, I had the mirror installed for quite a while in the smaller Terratrike handlebars.  I simply slid it out of the Terratrike bars and directly into the Versabars, which are slightly larger.  All I did was just turn the screw further in.  The expandable inserts were a little unhappy and made things a little off-center, but by recentering things as I tightened I got it to stay centered in the bar and tight at the same time.  Maybe I've just got the touch.  
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    I couldn't do that with my mirrors. The threads bottomed out before expanding enough to fit the Versa Bars. A 4" long piece of 3/4" copper pipe slit lengthwise was/is the perfect bushing. Even though the copper fit the Versa Bars and the mirrors without slitting, things wouldn't tighten up. The bushings also keep things centered in the tubes.
    By the way, DON'T slit the copper into 2 pieces. Just use a hacksaw and cut one slit so the copper will expand when you tighten the mirror. Also place the slit 90 degrees from the expansion line of the mirror.
  • MIRRCYCLE Mirrors come with 2 sizes of inserts to help them fit most handlebars. I once had a lowracer recumbent and the mirrors looked goofy on the ends of the handlebars so I screwed then to a plastic reflector mount and put them on the handlebars. Now they looked racy and worked just as well!
  • I just realized that I didn't post this to the thread that i intended.  :-)

    Based on gern's input, I decided to also try the Versa Bars along with the Mirrycle Mirrors on both of our trikes.  We are very pleased with the result.  The outside edge of the mirrors only extend beyond the width of the hubs of the front wheels by an inch, so, there is no problem with the overall width of the trike with the mirrors.  The placement of the mirrors provides a fully unimpeded view to the rear from both sides.  We are fully aware of anything approaching from the rear, or those we have just passed,  :-)  at all times now.

    As to the installation, since the Versa Bar tube is a little larger diameter than the standard handle bar, I cut a piece of inner tube to line the inside of the Versa Bar.  The tightening mechanism of the mirror snugged up to the inner tube liner perfectly.

    See photos below.

    photo 003 - Copy_zpsyemhkcvo.jpg

    photo 001 - Copy_zpsxn9sjwnc.jpg

    photo 002 - Copy_zpseqvtpbme.jpg

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