Power Grip Pedals

Just bought two sets of the Power Grip Pedals for our Rovers, mine and my wife's. Not sure why I got the wife a set as she never rides her Rover!
The pedals went on in a snap and the straps were perfectly adjusted for my shoe size right out of the box. As I pulled out of the garage and started up my fairly steep driveway to the street I instantly realized the strap was helping with the pedal effort in a climb. My foot feels more secure on the pedals as I ride and by just pointing my toes inward (pigeon toed) they are easy to slide out of. Took a nice ride today and I am very pleased with this simple add on feature very comfortable to use. The main reason I wanted these pedals was to guard against possible foot suck. I would suppose your foot could still slip out and fall down, but it seems that it adds security from your foot bouncing off from say a bump or jar. Now if I could just get my wife to spend some time on hers, oh well, just saying. ;)


  • I've been very satisfied with my power grip pedals. I have learned however that trying to cycle with a pair of regular soft-soled walking type shoes for any kind of long distances is not a good idea. I've ordered a pair of cycling sandals that I'll use with the power grips. Eventually I will get some clipless pedals.
  • The advantage of clipless over power grip pedals when climbing or when accelerating from a stop is that more of the pulling force is derived from the cleat and not so much from the straps over the top of the instep.
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    I went to clipless SPD pedals because I am type 2 diabetic.  Power grip pedals, with the cross cross strap, rely on squeezing the foot to keep it in place.  They do have the advantage of retention.  I have a problem with circulation in my feet so that's why I don't use them.  If you don't have a problem and you're an occasional rider then power grips will work for you.

    I recently went to the Shimano SPD clips and they have worked wonders.  The problem with SPDs for me was finding shoes wide enough for me feet.  I covered this topic in my blog in the April tab under "Click..." trikesterhal.blogspot.com.

    If you have any additional concerns or questions then just throw a post in here and I'll be glad to help.
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