Suspension on Terra's???

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New to the forums, and wanting to find out if TerraTrike is building any trikes incorporating shocks or suspension on any of there trikes? I am really looking into getting a trike for this year, and have been riding a full-suspension mountain bike converted to street racer, and have gotten 'spoiled' with having a fully suspended bike. But i cannot ride in the winter, and am considering/wanting/needing the stability and safety of a trike for year-round usage. Of course considering a fairing, as the wind near killed me where I live, and winter on two wheels is out of the question due to a balance difficulty, and too darn afraid of traffic!!!


  • We do not have suspension on any of our current models.

    If you're looking for a TerraTrike with flex, our chro-moly steel frames are all about comfort. The frame is durable and will absorb a good portion of road vibration.
    Jessica Kessenich
    Sales Coordinator
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