For Sale Rover Tandem

2 years old Rover Tandem for sale with accessories. Like new condition. Call 517-667-0779.


  • Do you still have this for sale and how much?
  • Yes.  I am interested in selling the Rover Tandem.
  • How much are you wanting get for your Rover Tandem, please. Any pictures?
  • I will have to upload some pictures this weekend as I have the bike in storage. I am asking 2,650.00.  We paid over 3100.00 for the bike and accessories.  I have three extra tires as I replaced the front tires with thinner size.  Thank you for your inquiry.
  • These are the accessories that I added:
    Basic Price 2,397.00
    Two flags - 16.95
    Pedals with heel support, ankle and toe straps - 135.00
    Head Rest - 139.00
    Cushion Full Seat  - 39.95
    Cushion Seat Wedge - 9.95
    Fenders Deluxe Set 3 X 20 -115.00
    Taillight with Multi-Blinker Wireless - 89.95
    Tax 176.57
    3 new tires  120.00

    Total 3,240.00

    by buying from me for a bike that was rarely used you save over $590.00.

  • Is this bike still for sale?
  • Date:  04/25/2017
    The bike is still for sale.  By the way I forgot to add to the list above that there is a also a chain set included with the tandem rover to convert to a single Rover Trike.  Also I cannot upload images on this site but can send if you provide your email address.

  • Hello zillyman1,
    Sorry it took so long to reply, was sent out of town for work. If the bike is still available, please send pics to
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