New Rover with external 8 speed WON'T downshift-customer support doesn't respond

Hi- I've had my Rover just about a month, and noticed when I picked it up at the dealer, that it was more difficult to downshift than shift up, but thought that was just the nature of the system. However, after a few rides at home (45 - 60 minutes each), I found that it became impossible to downshift, so I have been forced to do all my rides in 6th gear, which eliminates part of my route because I have to be able to stop, then accelerate into an intersection from a steep uphill at one point on that section of my ride.The company website seems to be out of date (it states that Rovers are silver, when they are actually blue) and the owner's manual is only for the internal hub model. I took the Rover back to the dealer and they worked on it. When they were done it felt just like it did when it was delivered (easier to shift up than down), but at least it shifted both ways-at that moment. The next day I took it out for a ride, it barely shifted down a couple gears as I left the garage, but once I shifted into a higher gear, it was unable to downshift again. Each time I ride it, it's the same- I MIGHT be able to get it to downshift a few gears as I leave the garage, but it is totally frozen after that. What is going on? I've emailed the company through the website twice, with no response. I just called the company, and got an answering machine. I'm not exactly thrilled with customer support at this moment. I'll be taking the Rover back to the dealer later this week (it's over an hour away, so I'm trying to combine it with another trip.)


  • I had the same problem with my Rambler. Could not (or didn't have the strength) to downshift. Dealer replaced the shifter and it's been fine ever since.

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  • But isn't the dealer supposed to do an adjustment after it's been ridden for free?  It was offered to me and I thought it was a Terra Trike standard.  

    Unfortunately, my shift cable broke before that and had to be replace.  With the stock handlebars, I hit the cable with my leg with every pedal stroke.
  • Definitely sounds like a shifter or cable problem' If it was adjusted by thje lbs and quickly deggraded some component is out of whach. They are pretty simply and virtually all the same. Any lbs should be able to rectify it. Don't have a kinked cable?
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    FIXED!!!!! I did want to post my solution. I took the Rover back to the dealer again, and he adjusted it and it seemed to work fine. Then, I took it up the bike trail for a short ride and then headed to my pickup to take it home. When I got near the truck, I couldn't down shift it again. The service guy adjusted something else and it seemed to work. However, the next day, when I headed out on a ride, it shifted both ways fine at first, then wouldn't downshift after a mile or so. I had a sudden inspiration, and used the end of my t shirt to give me extra friction on the shift twister and it worked!! So, what was happening all along was, after I had ridden for a while and my hands got a little sweaty (this is Florida in the summer, after all), the shift handle provided adequate friction to shift up, but would totally slip shifting down--wouldn't even budge! So, the next time I wore some sailing gloves and it worked perfectly and now I have some nice biking gloves that aren't too hot to wear here. I have arthritis in my hands and perhaps I can't grip tight enough downshifting, or perhaps the ridges on the handle give more friction shifting up than down. But, whatever it is, it works now!!
  • I was having the same trouble with the twist shifters on my Rambler Base. If I bumped the left one the front would downshift to the lowest chain ring. Downshifting the rear was just as bad as you indicated. I elected to switch to trigger shifters and had the lbs install Sram X-4 shifters and rear derailleur. The factory rear derailleur wasn't compatible with the Sram trigger. If you are interested, you might contact TT. They are offering trigger shifters on the newer Ramblers and they are Microshift brand. You may be able to buy just the shifter for the rear.
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  • I had the same issue the day I got stuck in the rain.  I never thought that rubber shifter would be hard to grip.
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