Patterson Drive

Since Honu was stolen I have no need for the Patterson Drive system I ordered. The last piece of hardware arrived today so I now have a complete system available comprised of....

1) New Patterson Metropolis Drive - Black w/170mm cranks

2) New Shift Cable Stop Bracket for above

3) SRAM MRX Micro 3-speed 1/2 size grip shifter w/cable

4) 6' long 5mm shift cable housing

5) Package of 5mm cable ferrules

All new and unused. The whole package for $240 and I will cover Priority Mail shipping charges. I cannot handle PayPal payment but I am willing to accept personal check.... I will hold shipment for 10 days until check clears.

I know more than one person is looking. Talk it over here and decide who gets it. Once that is decided I will post my email addie to the winner.


  • Can the 170mm cranks be removed so smaller ones can be installed?  If not, thanks but they won't work for me.
  • Florida,

    The length of the crank arms on a Patterson Drive cannot be changed. They are fixed at the time of manufacture.


    I thought about keeping the Patterson but decided against it. When the Cat arrives I'll see how I do with the stock gearing which goes down as low as what I had on Honu. The Cat will also be about 10 pounds lighter which may be enough to be noticeable on hills. If it turns out that I need lower gearing I can swap out the stock crankset for either a Lasco or a Sugino with 152mm crank arms. Possibly less torque than I would develop with 170's but also less potential for knee damage.

    If you want the Patterson shoot me an email to "kymasoft at hotmail dot com" and I will reply with my physical address info.
  • I just checked and there is only a difference of 3/4 of an inch between the two crank lengths.  I'm wondering if I could put a block on the pedal to make the length shorter.  I know the small length they sell is 165 mm. 

    I'm going to think about it for a few days.  If anyone else offers, go ahead and sell them.  Don't wait on me.
  • A block on the pedal would only help on the pedal that is farthest from the body. It would increase the angle your knee must pass through on the return stroke. Crank shorteners do exist but I don't know if they are compatible with the Patterson.
  • I am riding with the ball of my right foot on the pedal and the arch of my left.  As I ride, I can slowly move the left foot down but still have not gotten to the ball.  The mobility is just not there yet.

    The 170mm cranks will put a lot more stress on the knees.  I think I'll need to pass on your set.  Thanks!
  • I'm interested in the drive.
    Please contact me at
    Thank you.
  • The Patterson Drive has been sold.
  • Glad you were able to sell it.  Any word from the police on your trike?  Any news on when the new one will arrive?
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