Rusting inside tubes?

I'm going to be getting a new Rover NuVinci in a week or two.
It came to mind today but do I need to be concerned about internal rusting?
Does TerraTrike treat the frames to prevent this?
I'm a four seasons any weather type of rider that relies on my bike and soon trike to survive.
I use them for everything I do and everywhere I go.


  • If you click on the tab Order above you will find the warranty.  But, I would suggest you also talk to them.  Do you have the one with different holes for the boom length or does it have adjustment screws on the bottom of the boom.  That's what my 2014 model has.
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    It will have whichever is being sold currently.
    The shop I went to didn't have any in stock at the time and I'm waiting for my replacement card from my bank to arrive before I can buy it.
    I just want to make sure I protect my frame properly,
    Keeping an eye out for external damage is easy, I'm just worried about rain, salt, etc getting inside that's the hard stuff to notice unless you frequently tear down and inspect the insides.

    I've also sent a message to TerraTrike about this but I'd still like input from other customers too.
  • When I sent my boom off to have the HSD installed I noticed a little rust. My best guess is it either came from the seem where the front and back assemblies meet, and or ran down the boom where it connects with the front half. I'm thinking some silicone might prevent that.
  • Any untreated (paint, etc) ferrous metal surface when exposed to oxygen and humidity will rust. Coat the surfaces then make the joints as air tight as possible and you will dramatically slow the process.
  • just use frame saver treat as per the directions.
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    Anyone know which specialty and common tools I would need for that?
    Just so I can figure out if I can afford to or not, I'm already looking at around $1,800.00 for the "basic necessities" before I considered this too.
    I'd probably only need the bottom bracket tool but which one I don't know.
    Then again I should be able to get it when I get the trike at the shop too.
  • Bottom brackets are sealed, you shouldn't have to open it up. You only need allen wrenches to remove/adjust the boom. 

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    True, but I'd still want the right tool. Going to have to do replacements every so often after all.
  • Echoing the thread grease, and suggest periodic backing up and tightening of the grub screws.

    I've broken an easy out on a rusted grub screw. 

  • You need metric hex drivers.  I bought a combination tool from the lbs.  It fits almost every screw on my trike.
  • Figured I would qoute what TerraTrike told me about there precautions incase anyone else was wondering too.

    "Hello Yami,

    We do an Electro Deposition process on the Rover frames to safeguard against

    internal corrosion.  This is not a 100% promise that no rust will ever

    happen.  Some people coat the inside of bike/trike frames with linseed oil

    which has been known to offer another level of protection.  Also it's a

    great idea to wipe off the frame after each ride in that type of climate.

    Let me know if you have other questions!

    Thank you,

    Taylor DeJonge

    Customer Service Supervisor

    P: (616) 455-5988 ext. 11

    F: (616) 455-6058

    TerraTrike - Part of the Solution!"
  • There is a product called JP Weigles frame saver been around for years just replaced the bottom bracket in my previously treated 32 year old Trek 720 touring and there was no rust inside. Buy it, use it, no worries.
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