Traveler with N-380?

Although TerraTrike doesn't offer the traveler with a Nuvinci, I wonder if it did, would it fold as easily.  I'm still trying to decide on a Trike.


  • The Traveler should fold just as easily with a NuVince... or any IGH... as it does with a derailleur.
  • I know this thread is 2 years old, but FWIW, I just test-rode one yesterday that was ordered with the N380.
  • How did you like it? Were there enough gears for your need?
  • For the record, last winter I put a Nuvinci 380 and a 24" wheel on my wife's Traveler. She loves the change. I had discussed putting a 26" wheel on the back of the Traveler with TerraTrike, and was advised against it. I was told a 26" would lower the front too much. And with the 24" wheel, the Traveler still folds (although not as small), and the NuVinci, while heavier, poses no issues with the fold. TimC, you should note that the Traveler has a 275# weight limit I believe.
  • How did you like it? Were there enough gears for your need?

    I only got to ride up and down a small side street by the bike shop. This one also had e-assist. I couldn't figure out how to turn it off, but I did keep it on the lowest boost setting. Still, with that on, I couldn't really say 100%, but there was a slight incline that was no problem pedaling up it. :D
    I do like the N380, and this was the second time I rode with one. The other was a Rambler, but it was the very first tadpole I had ever ridden, and I was concentrating more on the pedaling and the handling (all over flat ground) I love the no clicks and infinite speeds you get with it, whether is is a using twist of the grip, or even just the slightest twist, there is a change of ratio. Both times I used a N380 were in relatively confined areas, so couldn't really tell about total top end, but I was able to hit 11mph. And yes, my wife claimed that even the minimal boost setting had to be helping me!

    Birder, the spec sheet shows it's 300#, at least for the newest models. The only ones not 300# are the Rover, Sportster and the
    That, plus I'm already starting to lose a couple of pounds just thinking about pedaling a trike all over the place, lol.
  • Good to here on both counts... your continuing weight loss and the the trike supporting riders of #300. I should have checked on the current rider weight limit specification instead of relying on my deteriorating memory. How much were they asking for the electric assist Traveler with N380 hub?
  • $3295.00 plus tax. That was the same as several of their electric bicycles, although several of those also went up over $4,000, so it really seemed like a good deal for the Traveler. Especially good since he said to add that same drive to a trike I might bring in would cost at least $1,500. If I had the money I'd probably buy that Traveler.
    Note- Since this was a mid-drive unit, I don't think it had any front derailleur system, just the N380.
  • If that mid-drive is a BBSHD, and the Traveler is new (newish?) that is a very good price!
  • whether a good price depends on the battery that comes with the package
  • I can't speak to either the motor model or the battery. Sorry bout that.
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