Favorite cycling app?

So before I ask the question - What cycling computer do you recommend and why - I thought I would check out some apps from the Android Play store. So, What apps are people using, and why do you like it... or maybe hate it? Thanks in advance to all who reply.


  • Mapmyride, for me it is simple and provides the data I need. I only review it after the ride.
  • I have an I Phone and Apple Watch and use the fitness app provided with the watch.
  • Map my Ride sometimes if a new route.other times just my trike odometer
  • I was using one called Velopal. Pretty straight forward and easy until they updated and screwed it up. Now I just use Ride with GPS.
  • Do any of them pause automatically?  I put my Apple Watch app on pause then forget to restart it or I hit the button and it doesn't work.  I've ridden a ton of miles that never recorded.
  • I use Cyclemeter Elite (the paid version on App Store).  It has a lot of nice features including stop detection which is handy.  I start the app, then pop the phone in the trunk bag and ride off. This works until I find the right cell phone mount.  But the app is very good!
  • Buy an Apple Watch.  It will show the data while you're riding.  Look at my little picture to the left.

    I'll that app up right away.  Thanks!
  • GoogleFit works well for me. Mapped ride, average/highest speed, even elevation.
  • Florida_Bound, since I started this discussion, an early respondent said he used Map My Ride, so I downloaded it and have been using it since then. To answer your question, It does seem to automatically pause when I stop and then start automatically once I start riding again. Maybe it stops clocking MPH but allows the ride duration clock running. Interestingly, It still has a pause button so I am a little confused. TCEd and squirrelpie0 both use the Map My Ride app at least occasionally, so perhaps one or both of them will chime in and clear up the mystery.

    And everyone else, please continue to list your favorite cycling apps - and why you like it, and again, thanks to all of you who have replied.
  • Do you retain all the information on your phone or does it go to a website?

    Someone told us that it allows others to follow you and know your location, in case something happens to you.  That's a good thing but I still don't want the information saved online.  Just my preference.
  • Using mapmyride I just pause the app if necessary and resume when ready. Info. Goes to a site and can be shared.
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    Florida_bound,  I've used Map My Ride (MMR) almost exclusively and liked it, but it hiccuped on me three times.  I was told by a friend to disable the phone's WiFi as that might be the problem.  I did and it seemed to help, but it hiccuped again.  I've written the experience up in my blog at trikesterhal.blogspot.com.  You have the option when you stop a ride to save the ride to the cloud.  If you don't I doubt it saves it on the phone.  I always saved so that I can see the stats.

    Another thing about MMR that irked me was that I would forget to pause it if I stopped for a time.  I'd forget to take it off pause and that would affect my average speed stat.  If I used the auto pause it might kick in and I'd forget to check and see if I should resume the ride... frustrating.  It's too easy to get distracted when people stop me to ask questions or I just do a pit stop and decide to watch the scenery, etc.

    This morning I tried Strava and it worked without a hitch.  It seems to be a bit more complicated and saves to the cloud automatically...looks like to me anyway.  It also features an analysis of the data such as total elevation, etc.  It's got a ton of other features I have no use for nor any interest in.

    RoadID.com has a tracking program with a feature to notify someone of your choosing if you do not move for a certain period of time.  I don't know all of its capabilities.  I have not used it.

    I also occasionally use a free program called Glympse.  You have the option of how long to run it.  I sends a link to anyone you choose and they can see you on a map moving real time.  It can also add a canned message like "I'm on my way or I'm heading home now..." etc.  Sometimes my wife wants to know where I am and that I'm safe.  I don't think it stores anything.

    I have a Planet 9 bike computer that I use for checking my speed as I ride.  It shows the elapsed time of my ride and has an odometer.  It even has a thermometer built in.  I like having a speedometer so I can see my blazing speed on the trail. :-)

    That's my two cents worth...
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    I had a hiccup with the Apple Watch Workout software, also.  The problem started because my I Phone would not set reminders correctly on appointments on the calendar.  The Apple helpdesk suggested I back up the phone then re-sync it.  When this happened, I lost all my riding data since last November.  I always wanted that data to prove to my doctor that I had been exercising.  Now, it's all gone and the calendar still isn't fixed.

    I've been reluctant to use the Cloud because of all the data breaches.  But, since I don't do any financial transactions on my phone, I'm probably protected.

    I also found out that Apple is finally going to allow us to delete all the programs they automatically load on the phone so I will have more room to load other programs.  I may download several of them and see which I like best.
  • I use B.iCycle app for Android. Think I paid $2.00 for it. Works great with GPS and auto pauses. You can display a large, or small map or, the one I like, is a readout of the numbers. Speed, avg speed, distance, altitude change, calories burned, etc. When you finish a ride you can email the info to yourself or others. I send them to my home PC and have them stored in a file.
    Buy a good solid mount for your phone if you're going to have it on the trike. I use a Ram Mount that I got from Amazon.
  • I've used Strava twice now and it hasn't burped like Map My Ride has done for me three times.  Like mriley says it works very well and it's free.  I also like that Strava's auto pause feature seems to work flawlessly giving me accurate data.  It's fun to use an app, but I don't let it affect my enjoyment of the ride.  

    My Planet 9 bike computer takes care of being my speedometer.  At almost 2,200 miles now I'm losing my obsession with distance!  You lives and you learns. :D
  • As a newbie to trikes, I've already tried a bunch of apps. CycleDroid does what I want, including hill and speed graphics. All it lacks is maps
  • I use CycloMeter. It has all the features that I need,plus having a windows phone, apps are very limited.
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    Recently ditched using an Android phone. The ones I have had do not last much longer than 8 months. Grew annoyed having to send one back or needing to replace yet another. Although I do very much miss the functionality and ease of use, and the widgets, icon placement, etc.

    Went to Apple, iPhone Se was about all I could afford at the time. Not overly impressed with the limited apps, and just about everything is either paid or has ads out the wazoo!

    Anyhow, past the ranting, now wanting to find a cycling app that does not share with the world where I am at or other such privacy invaders.

    Rather have an app that uses GPS, shows speed and average speed, grade percentage, changes in elevation, time elapsed, showing the route I took on the phone which can be copied over.
    Do not mind paying for a quality app, but not doing the subscription thing.

    What do owners of dinky-sized iPhones use on their rides?

    Still have a few Android phones I could use, but the have no cellular access -- past a shared hotspot for their use.

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  • Wonder if CycleDroid will work on an Android that has no cellular connection? Stuff for Apple is ridiculous. Free means it is blasted with ads, paid apps are expensive - as most want monthly/yearly charges. Meh, will do without.

    Fitbit tracked route on a simplified map on Android, but on Apple it failed me last night. It gave me pulse related stats and though I was on a stationary bike.
    Charge 2 only has simple exercise settings, and Bike mode had always mapped on the Android. It's the Fitbit app that keeps changing with no update warnings/notifications.

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  • MapMyride works for my wife and I on Verizon Andriod phones.
  • @TCEd he's gone to the dark side with iPhone.
  • CycleDroid does work without cellular service. :) Used on a Mi Note.

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