Anyone Looking for a Slightly Used Rambler?

This sounds like a great deal.  You'd save a lot of money over buying new and still have the latest model.


  • Definitely......
  • Yes email me at
  • You have to go to that website then contact the owner.
  • Please let me know if this trike is still available? I would need it shipped to near Atlanta. Email me at 
  • Jamesr, I wish we lived closer... I'm in Michigan. You have your rambler equipped the way I would want one equipped. I'd like to get a trike for my wife and 8 speed internal hub with a Patterson, is perfect for her... and probably for me too. My Rover i8 is ideally going to be a tandem at some point, and I would like to put a Bafang mid-drive on the Rover. I have read that the stock Rover disk brakes don't do a very good job stopping the Rover Tandem. What would you recommend for a disk brake upgrade for a Rover tandem, bb-7s? And has anyone put a disk brake on the rear wheel of a Rover and or Rover tandem? 
  • Thanks for the info Jamesr, I really appreciate it.
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