Any Trikers in Lawrence?

I've been having a great time riding my new Rover 8! Just wondering if there are other trikers in Lawrence.


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  • I wonder if TerraTrike could tell you how many of their trikes have been registered in your area. Also, I suggest you chat with your lbs to see if they can tell you how many trikes they have sold. If you discover any at either location, you might be able to get TT or the lbs to contact those folks and give them your contact info, interests, and requests. Good luck
  • If you log into MyTerraTrike above then scroll down, you find a map of Terra Trike owners.  You need a separate username and password for that access but it is also needed to purchcase items.

    I only saw one other trike in your area.
  • I also live in Lawrence. I ride a tour 2.  There is another tour 2 in town and a gal who rides what I believe to be a rover......
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