Rover Tandem Attachment

I'm looking for both information about the Rover tandem, and also if anyone has a Rover tandem attachment for sale. So, if you have ridden one, formally owned one, saw one in action, and/or heard good or bad things about them, I am interested in what you can share. If you have one for sale, what is the price you are asking? If you purchased a used tandem attachment, what did you pay? And finally, if you have a complete Rover with tandem attachment for sale, what is your asking price?


  • If you don't me asking, why do you want a tandem instead of two trikes?  Is the second rider unable to handle a trike alone?

    I have no experience with them, however, I think both riders need to be of similar ability or one person does all the pedaling.
  • My wife isn't as strong a rider as I am. We have friends who ride a tandem 2 wheel recumbent. They both had regular bikes initially. He got tired of waiting for her to catch up so he tried literally to ride circles around her. They wanted to ride together so they bought a tandem. They have IPS (independent pedaling system) so they can each pedal whenever they want... or, either one can do all the pedaling, or take turns.

    I've been averaging 9-10/mph for 8-12 mile rides. My wife has averaged 6-7/mph for 1-3 mile rides. So the options are to get her a trike of her own with electric assist, or buy a tandem or tandem kit. I'm hoping to buy a complete Rover tandem and keep the standard Rover - that would give me the most options I believe. I should add that we are both newbies - we have had our Trike less than a month.
  • Thanks!  That answers a lot of questions.

    I can tell you that I started last fall riding at about 4 mph and I have hit 12 mph at times.  I started riding further recently which made my mph go down a little but I expect them to recover.  I'm in South Florida where the heat index is in the 90s when I go out at 8 am.  What I'm saying is her speed and miles will improve.

    Above, go to Resources and Specifications to see the size of the tandem and if independent pedaling system is offered.  You can purchase the tandem portion from Terra Trike, if you want.

    Happy Triking!
  • I am confident that my wife's speed & distance will improve, but so will mine!
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