Lubing the cables on a Rover

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Can anyone recommend a good cable lube?  I have the Absolute Dry for the chain but would like a lube for the cable, brakes, etc. 

I also couldn't find any info or videos for how or where to lube the cables and brakes....saw one on the chain that was helpful.  Any assistance would be welcome.  Thanks!


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  • Fortunately cable lubing is far less controversial than chain. :)

    Short version: don't lube the brake/shifter cables.

    Longer version:

    In general you don't really need to lube unless you're noticing binding or resistance in the cable housing, or are installing new cable/housing. In fact, many of the more modern setups are supposed to be run without lube, or include it in the housing already.

    If you are experiencing issues, you'll need to check over the whole system first to make sure it's the cable. Then you'll need to take it apart and thoroughly clean it and make sure there are no frayed areas in the cable. If it all checks, you may be fine just reassembling it and calling it a day. If the cable doesn't look like it has a protective coating built in, you may want to add a light layer of a thin and runny lube/grease.

    In fact, you would probably be ok using any leftover Rock "N" Roll Absolute Dry lube you have, just use it very sparingly. If that doesn't work, or you have fraying or other damage, you're better off replacing the cable and housing. It's fairly inexpensive to do.

    - PaulNM

  • Thank you, Paul.  Very informative and most appreciative.
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