Seat clamp keeps slipping....

How can I tighten the seat clamp so that it won't slip on me?  I looked for directions about how to adjust and tighten it and couldn't find any. When I ride, I sometimes push myself up a bit in the seat, and that's when it slipped today.   Any suggestions would be most appreciated. 


  • I can tell you what I did but mine isn't the only solution. I went to Academy and bought a D-bolt from the boat trailer department and installed it and tightened it until I was blue in the face. Also I found some leverage to tighten the quick release until I was blue in the face. It has not moved. I'm sure there are better and more practical solutions, but this seemed to work for me.
  • I couldn't find a D-bolt so I bought 2 U-bolts at Home Depot.  I put the cross bar from each at the top and the bottom of one of them.  I also bought a flat piece of rubber used to make gaskets and cut pieces to go on each of the cross bars.  I placed it right behind the seat clamp on the boom.  I used the rubber so that the boom was not scratched.

    It hasn't moved in several months!
  • I've had good luck with a stainless steel hose clamp from Home Depot. I cut a strip of rubber (old inner tube) and put between the hose clamp and the frame. It's simple, hold tight, easy to install, and cheap.
  • I'm still a newbie, I've not had my trike a month yet, but I am also a big guy 240# when I got my trike. After reading on this forum of all the troubles others have had with slipping seats, I expected the same for me. Fortunately and quite surprisingly, I haven't had any seat slippage. I spoke with my LBS yesterday about Rover seat slippage and reports of bowing seat clamps when tightened too much. The store owner sells and assembles a lot of trikes, and is an excellent bike mechanic. He tells me that it is extremely easy, even for him, to install the seat clamps backwards. When this happens, the seat will slip because of the way the clamp works. He drew me a picture of how the clamp works which demonstrated how the problem occurs. Those with slipping clamps might try flipping the clamps around.

    I really have no experience with this problem and offer this information strictly in an effort to be helpful to those of you who have these problems. If any of you try this, please let us all know if it was successful.
  • TrikeBirder, I'm glad you're not having problems.  That means Terra Trike found a solution!  The problem was the plastic shims used to keep the seat from sliding.

    The clamp behind the seat works great and doesn't bother any other parts of the trike.  I will use it until I find something better.
  • My Rover is a late 2013 model. My LBS mechanic says the shims are not the problem - the orientation of the clamp will always slip when installed incorrectly, and will not slip when installed properly. At least that is what he tells me. Hope this helps!
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