Rover 8 Internal vs. Rambler external 24 gear


I live in Cleveland, Ohio. I went to our bike store to upgrade to a new bike. Bought a new bike but also test rode the Rover and fell in love and wanted a TerraTrike. I purchased the Rover 8 internal. Unfortunately, I had a lot of issues. Could it be a lemon or the mechanic? I went to purchase on a Sunday and was unable to take it home because the main mechanic was off. Told me to come back Monday. Monday I test road it and the gears were stuck in 6 and I couldn't move the gears down. The shop rode it and said something was and would fix it. Waited for awhile, said it was fixed and I tested it and the chain came off. Waited awhile again and states it was fixed for sure this time. Tested a few laps at the store and then headed home about 26 mi. ride. Got about 10 minutes into my ride and the chain came off in the back. I fixed it temporarily. Rode some more and same thing happened. 25+ times but not only the back came off so did the front. I had to stop and put the chain back on each time and try to get home. ( I didn't have anyone to pick me up because my husband had our 2 small boys and the trike wouldn't fit in the back of our SUV and we did not have a trailer yet. In the mist, the chain came off crossing an intersection and I almost got hit by cars coming me at me in both directions. Horrible experience!! I called the main headquarters of the store and explained what happened. He seemed apologetic and wanted to rectify the situation. The sister store close to me only carries the Rover 8, a Rambler and a Traveler. The manager had 2 new bikes, the same Rover and a Rambler built and sent to the sister store. I test drove both yesterday and I am confused as to which one I want. We have a lot of hills and I feel like the Rambler works better with going up the hills. I am also looking for a good workout and to utilize in the winter on a trainer to stay fit. It feels like my butt, thighs and abs are worked more with the Rambler test ride. Which I am looking for. This bike is for mom time to get away and ride without the children. Maybe sometimes hook up the kids trailer. I have always been an athletic, played sports girl who likes a good workout especially now because it's hard to get that in with working full time, life and 2 small boys. I have read that if you have the Rover 8 to switch to a 26 tire in the back. I love that the River has the internal hub. I am concerned the gears of the Rambler are exposed and low to the ground and if something gets caught in it like a branch during a long ride on a Rail to Trails and stranded like I currently was, I would be pissed. So, experienced TerraTrike riders I need your advice on Ramblers vs. Rover and your advice and recommendations. So shoot! and thank you in advance for your advice!!!
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