DC area- looking for a used trike

Hello, I am looking to purchase a used trike an am in the DC area.  Willing to travel about an hour outside the city to look and purchase, please get in touch if you know of any.  


  • It takes an hour just to get out of that city!

    Look up the dealers in that area on the link above and call to ask if they have any used trikes.  People upgrade all the time.

    I bought a Rover 8i which is now $1300 and feel it was a great purchase. On a used trike, you will probably need maintenance and maybe tires or inner tubes.  People over estimate the value of their used trikes, especially the add ons.  A new one might be cheaper in the long run.
  • College Park Bicycles and Mt. Airy Bicycles are the same company. Check them out for used trikes. I bought my Traveler from Mt. Airy Bicycles.
  • I bought mine at bikes@vienna also but I don't recommend them for trying different models.  When I bought mine in the summer of 2014, they had a Rover and a Sun Delta to try.  Find a dealer, even if you have to travel far, that has a variety of trikes.  

    If you buy used, be sure to look up the serial number online to see if it was stolen.  Dealers might have forgotten to do this.  I have heard of 3 stolen in the past 6 months.
  • Mt. Airy Bicycles had several different trikes available to try and there is a perfect place to test ride. It is worth the trip to visit them.
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    I purchased a Rover 8 from bikes@vienna in 2012. I used it approximately 3 times. Since having spine surgery, I am unable to use it. I looking to sell it since it's simply taking up space in my garage. I purchased it for $1200. I'm in Harpers Ferry, WV. What are you willing to spend on your trike? All offers are considered.

    I can email pictures if you wish. The trike has wheel fenders, two rear view mirrors, water bottle attachment, seat rear bag, spare tire tube, flat tire tools, lubricant, kryptonite chain and lock with key, manual tire pump, Schwinn odometer.
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