Down Time

Had my longest ride yet yesterday - 27+ miles! I know it's not much to the majority of you on this forum, but for a guy who hasn't done any cycling for 30 years, I'm pretty proud. I got my used Rover in mid June and have been gradually increasing my ride length and decreasing my time per mile.

Today will be my last chance to ride for a while, as I am scheduled for my 4th total joint replacement... my right shoulder. That will make one knee, one hip, and both shoulders. So here is my question to you all. Any suggestions for me to pass the time while I wait to get back to triken?


  • I've never gotten anywhere near 27 miles.  Congratulations!

    I haven't stopped riding due to my health.  Instead, it's way too hot down here.  The heat index is over 100 by 9 am.   I've started going to the pool very early instead,  I found out last week that it had to be early.  I got to the pool about 9:30 and the sun quickly drained my energy.  Now I go before 8.  And, in the middle of the day, I stay in the air conditioning.  

    Good luck with your surgery!  
  • Talk with your physical therapist, maybe a stationary bike could be used
  • Swimming is probably out with a healing shoulder. It seems to me you could still ride, maybe short distances at first. You're not having to support yourself with your shoulders and arms like on an upright.
  • I would think shifting would be an issue with the shoulder.  I starting getting shoulder pain soon after starting to ride several times a week.  It was such a different motion and I don't know of any exercise that would help me strengthen those muscles.

    jamesr, how often do you ride now and how far each trip?  How are you handling the heat?
  • Well, the day has come... Thank you all for your well wishes. I'm off to the hospital now... suspect it will be a few days before I even feel like typing :(   I'll check back in with ya all then. 

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