2015 Traveler 8 Nexus- Eight Speed For Sale

2015 Traveler 8 Nexus - Eight Speed For Sale.
Selling due to medical reasons.  Looks just like when we brought it home.  Rode 6 miles. Many extra features. Call or text to (269)  598-6383.  Bike located in Saranac, MI.


  • I sent a text. I'm interested. How much & will you ship? Thank you.
  • The price is $2,199 and yes I will ship.  A local bike shop will assist me with the shipping.  We will have to discuss the shipping charges depending on your location.  You will need to use PayPal for payment.  I have had my PayPal account for over 10 years.  
    I do have a Large helmet and brand new weather protection cover for it available at an additional cost. Helmet was worn only three times.  I was fussy when I picked out my helmet.  
    I can direct you to photos and text or email them to you if you desire.
  • I am a bit confused- I can buy a brand new 2016 TerraTrike Traveler with Nexus 8 for $1799 with a warranty, or I can buy a used 2015 model TT Traveler without the warranty from you for an additional $400 above the price of a new one!? Perhaps you could explain your asking price and how you have added value to your offering.
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