Thinking of upgrading to a 26" rear wheel for my Rambler

So, what is needed ? And where do you suggest that I get this from ? Thanking you all in advance. Mitch


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    Mitch, just a word of caution.  If you live where you have hills you are going to find out that a 26" rear wheel is going to change you gearing.  You will lose low end.  I discovered that when I got a Rambler GT with the larger rear wheel.  Just to let you know...  
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    I went to a 26"and then, using the Terratrike made axle set back pieces, went to a 29" rear wheel. Like Trikesterhal says, I lost some low end, but the 24 speed has more than enough low end. I really like what I did but I have the 24 speed. If you have different gearing you might want to think it over...
  • I have the 24 speed, also. I live in Mississippi, mostly flat the farther south ya get. I am in Massachusetts at the moment, enjoying the bike trails on Cape Cod. Old railroad lines with only slight grades. I believe that I will be fine with the gearing. Can you buy this already done ? The 26" rear end offered on this site is black, I would prefer silver to match my front ones. What I was really wondering was will I have to get a bike shop to swap out the cassette to my new 26" rear end ? Will the new rim be fitted to handle a schrader valve ? Thanks
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    I went to the LBS for the heavy duty rim for the rear of my tandem. It is a 36 spoke rim with thicker spokes. Cost was around half of the price of a rim from TT but it sure is better quality. I would check with the LBS before ordering from TT because they can likely get you what you want for less money. My rim is an exact color match to the factory rims and came set up for a Schrader valve. If the one you get is not set up for Schrader, just drill the valve stem hole to 11/32" and deburr it well. Works like a charm! Did that to one of my Rambler rims because we live in Dodge City KS and the "goat head" stickers are everywhere!!! I'll do the other one some time, and probably go with the marathon plus tires at some point for more puncture resistance. I even have liners in my tires and still got a puncture in one of them. By going to Schrader valves I can use the extra thick slime filled tubes! Good Day!
  • Go with the marathons! In eastern Washington goat heads are more common than gravel. Not one flat in over 500 miles since upgrading to the schwable marathon. I do not use any slime and just the schwable tides.....sure I spelled it wrong.
  • Thank you. Now, what is the finish called on the stock Rambler rims ? It looks like a dull aluminum with the Terratrike logo attached. I would like to match it.
  • Does the 26" rear wheel move your pedals too close to the ground?
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