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Can you tell me which idlers came stock on my Terra Trike Tour (2010)?I have been about 300 mls. on my trike and I noticed that the chain has started to form an indention in the front idlers.I have been pushing pretty hard( I try to maintain 16 to 18 mph on flat ground ).I would like to possibly upgrade to a more durable/quieter idler eventually,but for now I am just trying to figure out which I have. Thanks


  • Idlers are a typical wearing part of the trike; the grooves are normal.

    If the diameter of the idler is approximately 2" you have the 10tooth deluxe idler, approximately 2.5" is the 13t deluxe idler.

    The 13t idlers are an upgrade from the 10t, and will quiet down the drivetrain. The best idler choice for durability are the TerraCycle idlers; they will also cut down significantly on noise.

    If you wish to upgrade, the front idler set is most important, since that is where all the drivetrain tension is.
    Jessica Kessenich
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  • I just upgraded my Tour with two of the 13-tooth idlers and have to say they are great. Chain noise is way down and the trike runs great even when powering up hills.

    Mine came with all four idlers of the round, no-tooth, type. I replaced the two on the power-side of the chain with the new, larger 13-tooth idlers. The only issue I have is that the chain has come off the smaller idler on the back because of the loss of the retainer it used to have. I'm going to cut down one of the old ones and add it on the outside and see if that solves it. Dropping the chain in that spot really does no harm, it just hangs low...

    I assume, had I gone with the 11-tooth idlers, or changed all four, it would also solve that issue.
  • I have installed the TerraCycle high-performance idler kit on my Tour II if anyone has questions.
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