transporting rambler

I have not got a trike yet, still looking and dreaming. I like the sound of the rambler very much. Have not seen one yet . Can somebody tell me if it would be difficult to box this trike up if you wanted to take it with you on a plane. Cheers Johanna


  • You would definitely NOT take a Rambler on a plane. Mine came from TT in a box that was about 3ft wide x 3ft high x 8 1/2ft long. I don't know if the Traveler folds up small enough. You would need to check on that with Terra Trike.
  • Yeah, you're not getting on a plane with a Rambler. :)  The Traveler, Rover, and first gen Sportster are the only TT's that can really be broken down at all. The rest are one piece frames with a removable boom.

    The Rover is definitely too heavy and unwieldy to pack up for flight, nor can you break down the Sportster enough. 

    The Traveler can be checked in as luggage on airlines if you fold it completely, though. You'll probably also need a large bag like TT's Traveler Soft Case as well.

    - PaulNM
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