Well I signed up for ridefest. I'll be the guy on the 26" rear wheel burnt orange Zoomer with no accessories.


  • I really wanted to be there but my retirement pay is still not correct.  Maybe next year.
  • I hope to make it... I have a appointment with my orthopedic surgeon on July 28 to discuss the progress with my right shoulder replacement he completed on July 11th. I have been working hard at physical therapy to rehab the shoulder enough to ride the trike and drive the car. Even though it will be less than a month since my shoulder replacement surgery, If I get the green light, and I think I will, I'll be there!

    It would be great if those of us who utilize this forum and attend RideFest could meet-up and meet one another before or after the event. Hopefully we can get a few more folks from this forum about excited about RiderFest (9am sharp August 6, Walker Michigan). Heck, it's only 13 miles total, and there are options for shorter routes. There will be trike vendors, lunch, fellowship, prizes, etc. and it's all over by 3pm.
  • I'd have liked to go too but I don't have a cargo trailer and tent or the money for food and lodgings so I can't.
    It would take me 3-4 days to get there since it's over 250 miles away. Maybe next year I'll have the supplies to make the ride out there.
  • YamiYuki, where do you live? And do you have a car or truck? I fit my Rover in my Toyota Prius fully assembled. If you don't have a car or truck, perhaps someone here will be attending RiderFest and offer to give you a ride?!
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    I live in Indianapolis, Indiana. I've never owned or used an automobile and unfortunately I realized that one of my front hubs was bad today so I took it back to the shop for warranty repairs. Back to having to use my DF.
    As for getting a ride I'm the type of person that won't take a ride from someone like that just in case. For example just in case they wind up not being able to take me back for whatever reason. Stuff happens and I feel better just relying on myself.
  • Never owned a car?  Wow, I thought only New Yorkers fit that category.  It's amazing that you can use a bike for all your transportation needs.  You must be very fit.  You get lots of snow up there, right?
  • I am leaving now for RiderFest, I hope I can find TCEd once I get there. I'll be the silver Rover with headrest and small Spartan helmet decals.

  • TrikeBirder,
    Didn't get there. Conflict with canoe trip.
  • Good time at Trike Fest today. Good ride, good food and made new friends. I heard there were over 80 trikers today. Thank you to Terra Trike and ALL the employee's who helped make the ride a success!!!
  • It was epic!
  • @TCEd, sorry we couldn't connect. I did meet a few folks from the forum, and that was nice. And I really enjoyed meeting Tyler, Taylor, Josh and being able to put a face to the voices I have talked to on the phone so frequently. That said, I was most impressed with the TerraTrike CEO, Mike Kessenich. Inadvertently, I had parked right next to Mike, and, given my less than month-old new right shoulder, I asked Mike if he could help me remove the Rover from my Prius. He was happy to help and I introduced myself to Mike as I thanked him. We struck up our first of numerous discussions there.

    I got a chance to ride a Nuvinci N360 on a Traveler... AMAZING!  You can't believe how smooth it shifts. There were some really neat tricked-out trikes. One woman had a small sidecar she had configured to fit in close to the frame and adjacent to the seat. She keeps her small dog with her whenever she rides.

    There was a beautiful blue Rover tricked-out with 24" wheels all around, a Nuvinci N360 continuous variable "transmission" rear hub, a Schumpf two-speed, planetary gear-driven crank (like a Patterson, but twice the price but, reportedly better built with a larger range) and lots of safety accessories- multiple headlights, multiple taillights, turn indicators, hydration bag, and so much more.

    A couple of people had trikes with home-made canopies, a couple had windscreens both commercial and home-made, several had custom paint jobs, and there were two zebra inspired trikes. Of course there were several electric assist trikes- but none with an electric assist crank.

    The food was better than expected, there was free stuff including as much bottle water and soft drinks as anyone wanted and of course cake celebrating 20 years of TerraTrike.

    Despite all the TerraTrike folks going out of their way to answer questions and assist with anything anyone needed, the best part for the festival was the people who were there with their trikes and all the networking that took place. It seemed a bit to me like this forum live and on steroids.

    I wish you all could have been there. Perhaps next year?!

  • Did you take pictures and can they be found online?  I really wanted to go but it wasn't in the cards this year.
  • No, I didn't any photos, but there was a gal from TT there that took lots of photos. I suspect they will be available online soon if not already. You might need to call TT to be sure.
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