TerraTrikes "Accessory Mount - Rover" stiffness

Can anyone comment on it's stiffness or how much a heavy headlight bounces on it?
Trying to decide if it would be worth buying or if I should just make one myself from square tubing.
I'm planning on eventually having three lights on it, two seeing lights that take 4 AAs each and one blinker that takes one AA.


  • I use a mount from Utah Trikes that's solid metal and doesn't bounce at all.

  • Nice Idea but that won't fit the square booms properly if at all.
  • The versa bars would be stiff enough to hold your lights tight and limit bounce.  They are strong enough to help a person gt off the bike.  That would be a lot more weight than your lights.
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    The Versa Bars wouldn't really be an option for this unless I Put them on sideways which would probably make carrying it up the stairs harder.

    I'll give that a try minus the red/white retro-reflective tape since I have a good deal of the dowel left I used to try making my own front mount. If the lights don't cause me problems so close to my helmet mirror I'll wrap it in red retroreflective tape and yellow retro-reflective tape till I can get the right colored tape. But I'll need to make a more permanent mounting for the rod later so I don't have to remove it every time I leave my apartment, return to my aptment or lock up.

  • @jamesr - I made a headrest out of 1/2" PVC pipe with grey pipe wrap foam for the padding. Thanks for your idea as I could mount lights to the PVC!
  • I purchased the TerraTrike Handel Bar Mount:
  • TrikeBiker, other than the bar itself, the mount is all plastic. Any load and it'll wobble.
  • @Jrobisco2, I have 300 miles with a bell & headlight and have not had any wobble! If you're worried about it, you can always add a metal hose clamp or something similar, but honestly, I don't think it is necessary to avoid wobble. Perhaps after more I ride a few hundred more miles an issue might develop, but it has worked flawless so far. What are you wanting to add to the handlebar mount that you think will be too much weight or load?
  • I was going to use it for my phone/bike computer, but I wanted to mount it to the aux helper bars (to help us larger folks get in and out) but the darn mount loop is sized for the handlebars, not the support add-ons.

    Mounting anything to the vertical handlebars is useless for me. I can't see or use them around me belly :-(
  • Oh, and I was shocked at the plastic construction, not believing it strong enough for reliability.
  •   Yeah, that plastic mount didn't even last more than an hour for me. Still unsure how it got broke with everything around it. And like you side, it won't attach to the Versa bars OEM wise. Have a wider ring from a CatEye Reflex but it broke before I could of moved it.


      Would of liked to seen your other light bars and such in photos. ;)  Like the idea of a light bar using flag poles or some other more permanent means.

      What perked my interest was mention of a PVC headrest, but no photo(s). Wished I could of gotten one of them Utah Trike headrests... /sigh

    ¬ ITL
  • @IdahoTrailLizard

    The accessory mount is something different. It's a metal "L" shaped bracket that can be screwed into the same holes as the water bottle mount on the Rover. In fact, you can just put the water bottle holder on top and use its bolts to hold them both down.

    What you end up with is a vertical metal strip at the front of the trike, with a short handlebar style mount on top. You can attach a reflector on the front and headlights or other accessories on the top.

    While the handle bar part is plastic, the entire thing is very durable. There can be some flex if you're riding in very rough conditions, but it's not noticeable. Most trails won't have any effect at all. I've been very happy with mine.

    Pretty good for $15.


    - PaulNM
  •   Isn't that nothing more than L bracket you buy at the hardware store though for shelving?


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  • Not really. Most L brackets aren't as thin and long. You'd also need to find something with holes spaced out enough for the mounting screws.  The Rover mount also comets with the handle part, which you'd have to fashion yourself otherwise. 

    I'm sure it possible to make up something, especially if you have parts and tools laying around. But for $15, it's worth saving my time. :)

    - PaulNM
  • Lemme see . . . 50 cents at home Depot for a 3 ft long 1/8" aluminum bar, 3/4" wide. I've got a drill press and metal cutting bits. I've got plenty of bench clamps, a propane torch and a steel hammer.

    Time to make my own damned front post. Up 6", back along horizontal to the beam for 12", 45 deg bend towards the beam, and another 45 to match the beam. A couple house clamps, a buttload of holes in the aluminum bar, and I've got places for everything. Even a few I can reach while riding.

    All for 50 cents and some propane.
  •   So you offering to make these then?

      If I had the resources I'd take a MIG welding class at Treasure Valley Community College and perhaps make myself a bracket and weld the aluminum together.

      There is a fellow in the trailer park that does steel. Not sure if he has the capacity to do aluminum. He did offer to make me stuff if I wanted, though not sure what his rates are.

    ¬ ITL
  • Hell if he can just make a 30 deg round post to mount to the drink holder spot, he'd sell a few to us all!
  • Yeah but I need to be able to REACH stuff, so whatever I make had better basically extend things towards me.
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