Communication between Riders

Has anyone seen, or have, information on mouthpiece/earpiece devices to aid in communications between two riders on individual trikes? We, my wife and I, often do not hear each other when attempting to talk to the other. Of course, I'm certain it is her hearing and not mine that is the problem, but we won't tell her. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


  • My friend and I use a couple of the GMRS (General Mobil Radio Service) FM radios with ear pieces and voice activated microphones. They are fairly inexpensive and no license is needed to use the designated channels. At close range they are great and the voice activated mics mean one doesn't have to find a mic button to press. They do take a bit of getting use to, but we've decided they were worth it.
    Amazon has the Midland LXT500VP3 radios for $30.80/pair. This includes 2 radios, AC adapter, belt clips, and charging base that will charge both radios at the same time.
    They also have several types of headsets. The one we use is the Midland AVP-1 and they are only $9.75/pair.
    I hope this helps.
  • Funny, sometimes my wife and I ride and the only time we speak is to say "ready to head back" when we reach the mid point of our ride.
  • When my boys were small, we used walkie talkie headsets.  They worked for us.  Basically, the last person in line needed to give directions to the first person in line.  I always rode in the back in an attempt to protect them.
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