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I recently ordered a Nashbar Tempo Double Wireless cadence monitor, but realized that I mistakenly ordered 2 of them, so now I have an extra sealed box sitting here.  It cost me approx $48.  Full disclosure:  It's intended for a DF bike, and will not cover all functions when installed on a trike.  You can have either cadence monitoring,  or all the other functions, but evidently not both.  That's fine with me, since I only bought it for the cadence function.

Anybody want the other one?  What am I offered?  I'll cover the shipping.




  • Hey Duke, use one for the cadence monitoring and install the second one for all the other functions. 
  • Thought of that, but since these things are wireless, and the various sensors talk to each other by BlueTooth, they wouldn't know which BlueTooth frequency to link up with.  I'll have to ask somebody, but I'll bet it won't work.  
  • Depends,  Bluetooth doesn't link up by frequency, but ID. 

    It's possible (but unlikely) that all of a particular model are set with the same IDs, in which case you would have issues. Check the manual. If there's a section on how to program/pair the devices, then you should be able to setup things separately. (At least one review does mention pairing, so it looks good for you.)

    It's not clear to me why you don't think one unit can't do everything on a trike, there's no difference between trikes and df's. A wired unit may have issues due to cables being too short, but wireless should be fine.

    - PaulNM
  • At the risk of appearing the complete moron.............What the heck is a "DF"? I finally figured out "lbs" and was really glad it isn't "pounds".
  • DF = Diamond Frame (upright bike)

    - PaulNM
  • @PaulNM Ah! A bike! Learn something new every day. Thanks. ^:)^
  • Update:
    Had some preliminary talks with local Radio Shack.  He doesn't sell these, but he was handy to talk to.
    Also read some Bluetooth stuff on-line.  Will talk to Mfr of device tomorrow.  There's an off-chance two of them may work without stumbling over each other.  Keep fingers crossed.  Will know more tomorrow.

  • to Paul_M
    To answer one of your concerns:
    Each basic unit takes sensor inputs from 2 places, the rear wheel and the crank.  Since this one molded unit contains both sensors, there's only one place on a DF where this will work: the lower part of the vertical seat tube.  Both the pedal, and the rear wheel pass by this location.  That's why this one location (on a DF) lets this device work.  If mounted on a trike, there isn't any common location like that.  That's why two separate monitors were suggested.  But if I mount two computers on different parts of the trike, the sensors may work OK, but they may still get their Bluetooth feet tangled.  That's what I'll be talking to the Mfr about tomorrow.

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    So both magnets need to pass the same physical sensor?! That's a silly design, there are a bunch of DFs and other "normal" bikes this won't work on. I could maybe understand if this were a cheapo $20/$25 unit, but not on a branded $50 unit. (Actually Nashbar claims this is a $99 unit they have on sale for 50% off, but they regularly inflate pre-sale prices.)

    Hope things go well with the mfr, I suspect you'll end up finding a way to make it work. Good luck. :)

    - PaulNM
  • Talked to Cust Support this morning, got one answer I liked, and one that was puzzling.
    Evidently they assumed that two bikes would be riding next to each other, and configured the computers so that the bike systems wouldn't talk to each other.   No problem.

    But another problem came up. The computer controller for this whole sensor system is in the handlebar display.  So I could have two systems on the same bike (trike) and they wouldn't bug each other, but there would have to be two handlebar computer displays, which is getting a bit ridiculous.

    So I think that, for me, I'll just install the cadence function and forget the rest of it.  

    At least I learned a little bit about Bluetooth.

  • By the way, I still have available that Tempo Double Wireless Computer (that I mistakenly bought two of). Based on comments and my own talk with Cust Suppt., It's a little inconvenient to use on a trike, but there's no reason it wouldn't work well on a DF.  Anyone have DF friends?  

    Make me an offer.  Like I said before, I'll cover shipping

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