Mackinaw Island

Anyone have knowledge whether trikes can be transported on the ferry services to Mackinaw Island?


  • Contact Sheplers one of the island ferry services.
  • yes the boats charge for bikes and trikes can look up Arnold ferry, Shepler ferry, and or star line just look up mackinaw ferry's will give the info


  • Thanks, I knew they allows bike but wasn't sure about trikes. I called today, but it was after 5PM and they were closed. Thanks for the info.
  • I was told, this past week, that riding on Mackinaw Island is a pain due to horse droppings plus even more problematic is the horse pee. This person stated that between those two obstacles it is not a pleasant experience. We were looking forward to making this trip but this information has us second guessing that. Are there any of you that have ridden Mackinaw Island, and if so, what was your experience.
  • There is a bike trail that circles the island, no horses tend to travel this trail. Do not remember horse pee as
    an issue. Been there many times. Its best to spend the night there. Great place to visit.
  • Above is correct
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