rear fender only for 20 inch wheel and rear rack

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Where can I buy just a rear fender for a 20 inch wheel? I also have a rear rack so that takes care of some of the splash, but not all of it.


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    Jessica Kessenich
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  • Will any rear fender that fits a 20" tire work on the Terra Trike or is the fender from Terra Trike specifically made?
  • to bevo, any 20 inch fender should work and if you have a rack , there shouldn't be any clearance problems at all.
  • Do any (or all) of the fenders that TT offers, fit BigApple tires? (2.25")
  • The standard fenders MIGHT be able to work, but I don't know of anyone that has had much luck with fenders and BA tires.
    Kelli B
    Sales, TerraTrike
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    I have a rear rack on my Rover with Big Apple Tires and was also concerned with wheelspray and mud being thrown on the back of my seat. I also had a concern about the rack to seat braces limiting my seat travel as my wife and I both ride our Rover. So I engineered a fix for both issues. I removed the universal rack to seat braces and fabricated a support tube from the frame to the front of the rack using 14.25" of 1/2" PCV pipe and boat top hardware (like used to attach Bimini tops to boats). I then attached a Topeak Defender RX splash guard (as used under their RX post mounted racks) to the support tube. A 24" pc of PCV pipe, the boat hardware, (2) roll pins, and two self drilling screws, and the splashguard cost me a total $20 and took about 2 hours to fabricate and install. photo.php?fbid=1760977657570&set=o.69479966877
  • I can't get my photo to download. Error message says it's too large. Photos are on Terra Trike Owners Group on
  • I looked everywhere for front fenders for my Rover with Big Apples. I found some really cool custom made wood fenders that come either flat or compound curved. You can get up to 4 different woods laminated in one fender. Check them out. You'll be stylin and dry!
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