Rover Upgrade

I want to do an upgrade to my Rover.  Here's what I'm thinking.

#1 Swap out the 25t rear cog and replace it with a 20t or 18t, depending on what I can get.  That would give me a lower 'granny' gear, I think.

#2 Replace the cranks with a Patterson.

Would swapping the rear cog AND installing the Patterson be a waste of time/resources?  I'd like to have a lower low, but still maybe get a little more oomph later when my legs are stronger.

Other upgrades, swapping out tubes & tires with better than stock...less rolling resistance--make me go 'more faster!!'

I bought it used, and the brakes squeal, so I think the pads may need replaced.  The cabling looks like it could use some TLC also...

Suggestions, ideas, etc?


  • If you want a lower gear (able to pull hills easier) you put a bigger ring/sprocket on the rear and/or smaller on the front.
  • Thanks gern.  

    So, putting a LARGER rear on the back; with the Patterson....any suggestions there?
  • The Patterson low will get you a smaller front . I put one on my Rover ext 8 and replaced my rear cassette with an 11 to 34 worked out great

  • So, should I even bother?  Or should I be happy with what I have right now and maybe upgrade in a year or so?
  • Just swapped my wife's tires out to the Schwable marathons, increased the pressure to 80psi. She cannot tell the difference whatsoever.
  • What kind of hills are you climbing?  I'm very overweight and rode the hills of Northern Virginia in 3rd gear.  Some were about 40 degree hills.  I'm just wondering if you need to get in better shape first to truly assess what the bike will do.  It took me about 2 months of riding every other day to see max performance from my legs.  
  • I have a similar setup on my Rambler; Nexus 8 in the back and I replaced the front crank with a Patterson. You should not need to change your rear ring - when I'm in 1st gear with the Patterson in low. . . I feel like I could climb a wall!
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