New design for dual brake option?

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I was wondering if it would be possible (if not fairly easy) to configure a trike with standard controls as well as a dual control? The standards would be in the normal positions. The dual would be mounted lower on the bar for dominant hand. The cables might need some custom work on the linkage to the calipers, but I suspect it could be designed and manufactured pretty easy. It looks like it might be possible to use the London Mod adapter and attach two cables to one brake caliper. Just food for thought from another newbie.


  • This is something that would be a custom job, if possible. The standard and dual brake combo is possible with some work, but incorporating the derailleurs into the system would be the challenge.

    If you are interested in a custom trike, give us a call and we can work out all the details!
    Jessica Kessenich
    Sales Coordinator
  • Thanks Jess.

    In my thoughts on the issue, I was only looking for dual braking capability. There are times when it is necessary to stop quickly and safely without the use both hands (got water in your hand when someone pulls out in front of you), but brake steer can also be helpful at other times. I was sure this is currently custom work, but as I said, food for thought in future accessories.
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