TeraTrike Rover - Austin Texas - $600/$1100

I have a Tera Trike Rover in excellent condition.  It'll come in one of two flavors since I'm upgrading to a Rambler and am inclined to take all the upgrades with me unless you want 'em all (not interested in breaking things up).  So...

For $600.00 you get:
1. Base Rover in great condition
2. Nexus 8 hub (8 gears)
3. Upgraded Shwalbe Marathon tires on all wheels

For $1100.00 you get added:
1. Clip and water bottle
2. Blaze T140 headlight and front brace
3. Side Rearview mirror on handlebar
4. Two extra handlebars 
5. Cup holder
6. Cellphone holder
7. Tera Trike custom seat cover with lumbar support
8. Tera Trike bag for back of seat


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