Heel tapping crossbar

My right heel is lightly tapping the front crosspost. I wonder if it's ok to extend the front post 0.75 inches? I have that much room (and more) that the back tire can come forward, so the chain won't need added to.

Is this an OK thing to do, and is it hard?


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    There is a line on the boom and it says not to extend it past that point.  Can you see that line yet?  If not, you can move it out further.  If you do that, I would suggest adding a link the chain rather than moving the back wheel.

    My boom is extended all the way but it wasn't when I first bought the trike.  I never had an issue with my heels touching the cross bar.  Are your feet vertical or horizontal on the back stroke?  Mine are vertical because my knees won't bend far enough for them to be horizontal.  Maybe if you try rotating them through a stroke, the heel strikes will end.
  • The boom is marked, and at, "middle", so there is plenty of boom left. I haven't a clue how to add links to the chain, which is why I figured just moving the boom only as much as I could shift the rear tire forward.
  • Soles of feet are about 45 deg throughout the stroke
  • I guess the real question is, HOW do I loosen the beam?
  • I was a little confused as to why the two step process, but using the crossbeam to push out the beam works great. Everything extended by just over 0.5". There's even a little room for the back wheel to move more if ever required.

    Full half inch gap between heel and crossbeam, even with my foot horizontal.

    Perfect instructions @jamesr. Thanks!

    P.S. If TerraTrike is reading this, American Cycle and Fitness in Royal Oak did a shit job setting this Rover up. Never fitted to me and lots of loose stuff I discovered today.
  • @jamesr, I think I may have done something wrong with the boom extension. Now every time I'm pushing hard to go uphill, the chain comes off the rear sprocket. I can't figure out of the chain is too loose or too tight!
  • Seems I hadn't tightened the rear wheel enough, and a bump must have moved it. Loosened, used a spreader clamp (I make furniture) to move wheel back with mild spreader pressure, then put bug-eye torque on rear wheel nuts. Tested on worst hill in neighborhood without any run-up, and it held. So, God willing, I've fixed it.
  • I found that it was "easier" for me to keep the rear wheel as far forward as possible like jamesr and just apply pressure to the cross member and chain side pedal by using my legs as I tighten the set screws. depending on your pedals and how your dressed it may hurt a bit but it's worked great for me each time I have to fix a flat on the roadside for example. Still need to buy puncture resistant tires to help prevent my flats, idiots and jerks like throwing glass bottles in the streets around here.
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