Rover 3 speed

I bought this one at a charity auction three years ago. Just not really my thing, I may have put 20 miles on it the first summer. It has never left my neighborhood. It has hung in my garage the last two years. Time for it to be used by someone who will enjoy it.  $650 Grand Rapids, MI.


  • @EricTooley, the 2013 TerraTrike Rover 3 Speed is not worth near the price of a Rover internal 8 speed. TerraTrike no longer offers a three speed because they determined 3 speeds insufficient for all but the strongest riders. Heck, many of us with 8 internal speeds often wish we had at least another gear lower than 1st gear and at least another gear higher than 8th gear.

    The Bicycle Blue Book suggests that the original $900 TerraTrike Rover Internal 3 speed 2013 trike is worth a maximum of $419 in "like New" condition:
    I'd recommend you have it converted to an i8 and you might really enjoy ridding it. If you are intent on selling it, I'd offer you the $419 max it is worth and then I'd spend the extra money and convert it myself.
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    While I'm not a fan of "Bluebook" type listings in general, I'd have to agree here.

    The Rover 3's were only $799 when brand spanking new, and haven't been sold for a few years now. I don't know where got $900 from. The Rover 8 was only $999 at the time. 

    Asking $650 is a bit much unless you're planning to cover shipping costs yourself. (Maybe even then.) A brand new 8 speed with a year warrenty is only ~$350 more than that.

    - PaulNM
  • imageSorry if my price was out of line. I called the local dealer and asked them how to price it. 
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