2014 Rambler question

Looking at used Rambler. Owner states it is a 7 speed  but he also says that it is probably an 8 speed internal gear drive. Did the 2013-14 model come with a 7 speed? Also has clip pedals? Easy to change out or not? Thanks for information.


  • Can you get pictures of the rear wheel and pedals? This would allow many of us to determine what gearing it has. Never heard of a seven speed on the Rambler, but I don't know everything.
    Pedals are very easy to change and a bike shop might do it for free if you buy pedals from them. If one has some mechanical skill and understands that the left pedal is left-hand threads, one might be able to change them alone.
  • What owner doesn't know how many gears they have?  Is someone selling it for them?  
  • If the pedals are clip style, I would definitely recommend getting cycling shoes. Much safer and more efficient pedaling.

    If you're intent on swapping; it's less than 5 minutes.
  • Yes, Florida_bound, it was his dad's bike.
  • Thanks jamesr, I'll try and get picture, I haven't seen it in person let, but probably still couldn't tell what I'm looking at. :)
  • imageimage Not sure how to do this. This is a test.
  • Corrected link:

    The pedals image seems to have been removed from the account.

    In any case, it's definitely an 8 speed internal hub. Neither Sturmey Archer or Terratrike have sold any 7 speed models. Pedals are standard. If you know how to swap them on any bike/trke, you can do it on TT's trikes.

    - PaulNM
  • The pedal pic is before the rear wheel pic. Not sure about the crank set but it looks like a Schlumpf speed crank. I'm going by the pics on the accessories section here. You folks that are more familiar with these things would be able to identify. I think.
  • Thanks for your help. Got it figured out. Researched the clip pedals and the clip shoes. And I still can pedal with regular shoes until I get some clip shoes. And it is an 8 speed Shimano Nexus. :)  I am learning, Thanks again, Doreen
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