Boom length adjustment

Can someone help me in explaining how to adjust my boom length. I bought a used Rambler from a tall person. :) I am short. I have moved seat as far forward as I can but believe boom needs to be adjusted. My x-seam is 39" but how do I use that measurement? If I adjust boom will I have to shorten chain? Didn't come with the manual. Thanks for any help you could share. Watched instructional videos but not any on adjusting boom.


  • At the top of the home page here is a tab marked "Resources". hover over that and a menu will drop down. Click on "Sizing". The instructions there will get you started. I would move the seat back to about mid point before adjusting the boom. You're likely going to have to shorten the chain but do this after you're comfortable with where the pedals are. Disconnect the chain and get the boom/pedals set where you want them. Then shorten the chain to match the new length.
    I know others will be able to give you better instructions, so watch for their posts.
  • Also forgot to mention the boom has an "S" mark on it. Does that mean "short" or "stop" or what?
  • Wow, I now have my new to me Ramblered figured out and adjusted to me! It feels great too! Fixed the seat, shortened the boom, cut off the chain, adjusted the chain cover thing, and adjusted my handle bars! WooHoo!!!! I am a very happy triker! With the help of my husband. Now on to learn to reset the computer to track my miles and etc. Thanks Florida_bound, gern, jamesr, for you quick responses to my needs. :)
  • I use those nitrile (not latex) exam gloves for the greasy work. Peal the dirt/grease right off when done. You can get some at the grocery store.
  • I always have a pair of disposal exam gloves with me on a ride just in case I throw a chain or help someone else. Chain lube mixed with road grime is a mess
  • Don't ever even want to think of all the bad things I used to wash/clean hands with in the military and industry.
  • Never got into any sort of drugs. Not even pot. All my chemical exposure began very early (6year-old). Washing parts for dad in leaded gas, kerosene, diesel fuel, etc. Graduated over the years to all the really nasty stuff like lacquer thinner, enamel reducer, M E K, naphtha, Skydrol, turbine oils, and on and on.
    At 59 definitely paying the price health-wise.
    Funny how things get off-track! This thread is/was about adjusting boom length.
    =)) =))
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