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Hello All

I am in the process of converting a TerraTrike Rambler to an e-trike. I purchased a Befang mid-drive 1000 watt BBSHD with a Panasonic 52volt 20AH lithium battery from Luna Cycle. I added the 42T chain ring, color display, magnetic brake sensors and gear sensor to the list of options. The install so far has been pretty smooth. I have the motor installed and resting on the top of the boom. I did run into one issue last night. I could not figure out how to mount the speed sensor on one of the front wheels. Is there another bracket needed? I wanted to get all the options, battery, sensors and throttle installed so I could see what if any cable extensions are going to be needed. Would like to complete all that this weekend. For those of you who have completed this conversion I'd appreciate any suggestions.


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    Thank you for the comment. I did vet the configuration with Terratrike before purchasing the trike. They suggested the new Rambler would be the best choice. They also provided a list of several motor vendors. My choice was one of their suggestions.
  • Yes I was reading about the Catrike issues prior to ordering the rambler. Seems they must be using a lighter weight boom. Looks like they have also taken some corrective actions to resolve the issue. I've not been able to find any of those reports on the Terratrike models.
  • I was just wondering if anyone has built out a powered rear wheel using a Golden Motor Magic Pie 5. Looks like it will only take a 7 speed freewheel. Also I've seen comments about the drag the motor puts on the rear wheel making it difficult to pedal without power. My wife liked the idea about the cruise control and reverse. But if it breaks down she is going to need to pedal home.
  • Well I finished my rambler build this weekend. Took about a month to order and receive all the needed parts. I ended up mounting the BBSHD on the top of the boom and added a chain Gobbler to make adjustments easier, Constructed an aluminum battery cradle similar to what digitally_impaired built for his rovers. Worked nicely on the Rambler and left the rear rack open for cargo or pet transport. I did not use  the ebrakes.or gear sensor for this build. Decided to keep the TT locking parking brakes. Built a longer battery cable using 8 gauge wire with XT90 connectors. Also had to purchase display and speed sensor extension cables. I was initially concerned with the loss of the front chain rings and going down to 8 gears. But I had no problems reaching 26MPH on flat ground before any customized programming of the controller. I'm using a 52volt 20AH Panasonic lithium battery. Added lights, horn and flag. Wife took it for the first test drive last night. She was smiling all the way but a little afraid of the speed. All in all pleased with the build. It's a lot of fun to ride.
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    I just completed my second Bafang BBSHD e-trike build with a new Rambler that came in last week. Ended up moving the mirrors to the versa bars. What a major improvement. My wife and I went for our first ride together last night. After riding about 10 miles we came home and decided to go out for another 10 miles with our two Prague Ratter dogs. Battery voltage on both trikes never dropped below 56.8 volts. Both are using a 52 volt 20AH and 25AH battery packs with Panasonic PF batteries. Top speed with all 20" wheels is between 25-30MPH. Climbed every hill we threw at them with no issues. These trikes are really easy to convert. I have the rectangular battery packs mounted to an aluminum cradle behind the rear seat which leaves the rear rack available for a pet carrier. Very awesome rides and great service from Terratrike on build to delivery.
  • PICS, or it never happened!
  • Believe it happened! But a link to some pics would be great, particularly chainline and your battery mount. Thanks in advance
  • Can these trikes still be used via pedal power or are they primarily e power ?
  • I'd love a way to sneak a motor onto my trike when the wife isn't looking and then zoom past her when she's riding her DF and make her go "WTF?"
  • But can they be used pedal only without any electric assist ? And how much effort is needed to overcome all the additional equipment ?
  • Just curious
  • The complete e drive and accessories adds how much weight over the stock model trike?
  •   Was thinking about adding a sail tonight, as the tailwind was blowing I could of harnessed the wind and got home quicker. (!)

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  •   Heading back home the SouthWinds flag was leaning over and blow over the top of me. Wished I could of taken a photo of that - wind is going faster than me.

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  • That sail looks awesome!  But, I would struggle to see around it while riding.
  • Now, if it was made of a see-through material . . . .
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      There is an alternative to a sail.... how about a kite?


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